Feel Confident without Makeup with These Tips ...

By Carly

Feel Confident without Makeup with These Tips ...

It would be fair to say that for a lot of females, confidence is something that doesn’t always come naturally. In order to feel powerful and appealing, we often to turn to things like makeup for a psychological boost, and whilst achieving different looks can be really fun, it shouldn’t be the only thing that empowers you. Here is how to feel confident without makeup.

Table of contents:

  1. find some answers
  2. one at a time
  3. embrace your skin
  4. self love
  5. embrace imperfections

1 Find Some Answers

Your first port of call should be taking some time to try to work out what exactly it is about makeup that makes you feel confident when you are wearing it and not confident when you don’t. If you can pinpoint a few solid memories or reasons - perhaps you once had a bad spout of acne - then you might be able to start making strides towards adapting your behaviour in your current self rather than still being worried about your old self.

2 One at a Time

If you are someone who wears a full face of makeup, then it can be daunting to go completely cold turkey. Instead, take one item away from your routine at a time and gradually work up to a more natural look. It won't feel so scary when doing it at a slower pace.

3 Embrace Your Skin

Spend as much time at home on your own without makeup on as you can. Some makeup addicts have pretty much forgotten what their natural skin looks and feels like, so give yourself time to get used to your ‘naked’ face in the mirror at home before you venture outside. By the time you do go out, you will already have developed some confidence to take with you.

4 Self Love

Work on learning to love yourself and love the way that you look without chemical and cosmetic interference. Sure, that is easier said than done, but we learn through repeated behaviours, so highlight a different part of yourself that you love every day and work towards building your body confidence.

5 Embrace Imperfections

Unless you haven’t noticed, nobody in the world is perfect! Do you know how much Facetune has gone in to each and every one of the Kardashian’s Instagram selfies? Your imperfections tell the story of your life, so don’t be afraid to show your blemishes, scars, and even things like freckles that aren’t imperfections at all! These things are what make us different and interesting.

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