5 Feminine ๐Ÿ‘ฉ Hygiene ๐ŸšฟTips No One ๐Ÿšซ Ever ๐Ÿ™Š Teaches You ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ...

Even though we all have female family figures, teachers and womenโ€™s magazines in our lives, doesnโ€™t it feel that there are certain aspects of feminine hygiene that you arenโ€™t taught, but rather have to find out for yourself? Itโ€™s not always the really big things, the most important things, but definitely, things that you wish someone has let you know about sooner! Here are five feminine hygiene tips that no one ever teaches you!

1. Avoid Scents

Stay away from scented sanitary products, because the chemicals that are used to make them smell of things like roses etc. can actually cause irritation, and sometimes the fragrance can disguise the need for you to change. Leaving it too long between changes can lead to seriously dangerous things like toxic shock syndrome.

2. Cotton

It is always best to opt for cotton underclothes, especially underwear because it is the most breathable type of fabric you can wear. The more breathable your underwear is, the less likely you are to develop any kind of bacterial issue.

3. Fresh Towels

Replace your towel regularly, because even though it dries and you are using it on a freshly showered body, there are lots of bacteria that can grow and spread on a towel that keeps getting used without any kind of washing in between.

4. Wet Clothing

Whenever you find yourself in wet or overly sweaty clothing, or a wet swimsuit after your swimming has finished, you should look to change immediately. Any external wetness mixed with the natural heat of your crotch area can make for a prime breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Front to Back

The business of number twos isnโ€™t something that we ladies like to talk about much, but itโ€™s absolutely essential that we all know to wipe front to back rather than back to front. This eliminates any chance of your toilet waste making contact with your private parts, because if it does, it can cause no end of horrible bacterial problems that need medication to cure.