Feminine Tattoo Sleeves for Women Everywhere ...

By Holly

Feminine  Tattoo Sleeves  for Women Everywhere  ...

Men aren't the only ones who can get tattoos from their shoulders down to their wrists. It's not masculine to have a tattoo sleeve. If you choose the right designs, then you can still look feminine. If you're interested in adding a lot of ink to your body, then here are a few feminine tattoo sleeves that'll give you style inspiration:

1 Beautiful Bride

bride,woman,wedding dress,bridal accessory,man,@lenelind78

Don't let anyone fool you into believing that your ink will make you look ridiculous on your wedding day. It'll only add to your beauty!

2 Black Flowers


You don't have to add color to your sleeve in order to make it look feminine. Black ink can look just as petite, as long as you choose the right designs.

3 Blank Spaces

hair,hairstyle,photography,brown hair,long hair,@floralkills

You don't need every inch of your arm to be filled in. You'll still look sexy, even with some empty spots.

4 Written Words

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If words are more meaningful to you than a picture is, then you can have script tattooed onto you. Or, of course, you can have words and a picture side-by-side!

5 Colorful Sleeves

clothing,arm,human body,tattoo,chest,@tattoo_mood

If you want to look super flirty and feminine, then get your tattoos done in light pinks and blues. They'll definitely draw attention to you.

6 Flowers and Butterflies


How beautiful does this artwork look? There's nothing masculine about it.

7 A Random Assortment

black and white,black,photography,beauty,monochrome photography,@tattoos.hub

As beautiful as flowers are, you don't need to fill your arms with them in order to look feminine. Any picture can look girly, as long as it's done right.

8 Plain Black

clothing,tattoo,arm,active undergarment,thigh,@_tattoosandlove_

Isn't that ink gorgeous? It proves that tattoos can make you look even sexier than you originally were.

9 Heart and Flowers


You don't need to fill your upper arm with tattoos. You can get a half-sleeve by filling in your forearm instead.

10 Pink Ribbons

clothing,lady,arm,fashion,human body,@sophiebfitness

Even if your tattoos are a little "masculine," your gorgeous body will remind everyone of how feminine you really are. So there's really no need to worry about your design, as long as you're happy with it.

11 Uber Feminine


This is a super girly tattoo sleeve. It's filled with ice cream, candy, and shades of pink.

12 Simplistic Ink


The more tattoos, the merrier. If you think they look good, then it doesn't matter what anybody else says about them.

13 Tattooed Bride


Even a skull can look feminine when it's drawn the right way--not that there would be anything wrong with looking masculine, anyway.

14 All Black Ink

hair,facial expression,face,nose,blond,@kellylouisekilljoy

Black ink is just as sexy as colorful ink is. So if you want to keep it simple, go with standard black.

15 Toned and Tattooed

human action,clothing,person,image,lady,@badasscass_fit

This woman proves that you can have muscles and tattoos without looking masculine. There's nothing more feminine than she is.

16 Embellished with Jewelry


See? Having an arm filled with tattoos can't stop you from wearing gorgeous jewelry.

17 More Black Tats

face,tattoo,arm,muscle,human body,@drop_colt

How could you ever judge someone for having tattoos that they're clearly so proud of?

There's nothing wrong with having tattoos on every inch of your body, as long as it makes you happy. Don't worry about what others think of you, because your happiness is the only thing that matters. How many tattoos do you currently have?

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