6 Feng Shui Beauty Essentials to Keep in Your Desk ...


6 Feng Shui Beauty Essentials to Keep in Your Desk ...
6 Feng Shui Beauty Essentials to Keep in Your Desk ...

Do you ever get that feeling that something in your life isn’t quite and free-flowing and easy as it should be? If you are someone who believes in the spiritual side of things, then you might be interested to learn that feng shui can have a lot to do with it! This is the practise and lifestyle of placing and positioning objects within your personal space that are going to bring you into the best state of zen that you can possibly experience. It’s all about finding things that are going to provide you with the best energy to succeed. Here are six feng shui beauty essentials to keep in your desk!

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Every single zen space needs a good diffuser to keep the area nice and fresh. You will be surprised by just how much having a small diffuser in your office space can boost both your mood and your productivity.


Hand Cream

Having a good hand cream on hand (pun intended) is just as crucial to work productivity as good quality pen and paper! If you feel happy and healthy and your hands are nourished, you are going to be much more likely to want to continue to work hard without having to take many breaks. Something with a scent like rose or lemon is even better.


Aromatic Stress Treatment

Work can get the better of all of us, so it’s good to have something on hand that can calm you down and lower your stress levels. A stress treatment product like a palm roller that you then cup to your nose and inhale can work wonders. You can physically feel yourself becoming calmer as you breathe in and out. Great for keeping by a desk.


Lip Balm

Nothing can ruin a workflow like chapped and dry lips that need to keep being attended to. You can avoid this occurring by keeping a good quality lip balm in your desk. Sitting in front of a screen all day can really dry out your features, so make sure that your lips get the care and attention that they deserve.


Facial Essence

Tired eyes and dry skin are not a winning combination for productive work. You can eliminate the problem of dry skin as you work if you keep a nice facial essence spray close by. A nice mist every now and then can give you the moisture that you need and can really elevate your mood more than you would think.


LED Light Device

This is a great little gadget that can really help out your tired working eyes. Use it for three minutes per day, five days a week and you will start to notice that puffy eyes become much less distressed. It also has the multi-benefit of brightening and tightening the skin around the eyes, leaving you looking and feeling fresher.

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