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23 Gorge Spirit Animal Tattoos to Help You Unleash Your Inner Wild ...

By Jennifer

Illustrator and tattoo artist Cheyenne may live in France, but her gorgeous geometric designs are obviously inspired by Native American art, each work an appreciation, an homage. Would it be silly to travel to France, just for a tattoo? I don't think so...

1 The Owl

The Owl

2 Take Flight

Take Flight

3 Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane

4 Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher This is just gorgeous!

5 Another Bird

Another Bird

6 The Duck

The Duck

7 Mermaid? Siren? Goldfish?

Mermaid? Siren? Goldfish?

8 The Raven

The Raven

9 Feathers & Flowers

Feathers & Flowers

10 The Heart

The Heart

11 The Deer

The Deer

12 Buzz

Buzz This one creeps me out... not sure why...

13 Jellyfish

Jellyfish Amazing! Just wow!

14 Another Owl

Another Owl

15 The Feather

The Feather

16 Another Wolf

Another Wolf

17 Moth? Butterfly?

Moth? Butterfly?

18 Freedom?


19 Dragonfly


20 The Fox

The Fox

21 Geometric Owl

Geometric Owl

22 Two Wolves/Halves

Two Wolves/Halves

23 Antlers

Antlers To see more of her work, follow Cheyenne on Instagram at @cheyenneillus.

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