27 Food Tattoos That'll Make Your Stomach Grumble ...

By Heather

27 Food Tattoos That'll Make Your Stomach Grumble ...

I have a real strange obsession with food. No, really, I do and I think that other people do too, based on these amazing food tattoos that are so realistic, it's incredible! You obsessed with food too? Take a look and see if this will inspire you to FINALLY take the dive and get your favorite food inked on your body.

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2 Oh , the Burger

Oh , the Burger

Expressing your love can be an artful expression with matching ink. Consider getting couples tattoos to showcase your bond in a unique and exciting way. Just remember, it's a permanent symbol of your love, so make sure you choose a design that best represents your relationship.

3 Cupcake Looks Delish

Cupcake Looks Delish

4 Corndog Anyone?

Corndog Anyone?

5 Lollipop in Armpit

Lollipop in Armpit

6 Zombie Turnip

Zombie Turnip

7 Riblets


8 Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone

9 Cherries


10 3D Pizza

3D Pizza

11 Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundae



13 Beautiful Turnips

Beautiful Turnips

14 Taco


15 Broc'n' Roll

Broc'n' Roll

16 Carrot?


17 Sushi Lover

Sushi Lover

18 Beautiful Medley

Beautiful Medley

19 Watermelon Spaceship

Watermelon Spaceship

20 Pasta


21 Hotdog & Beer

Hotdog & Beer

22 More Beautiful Sushi

More Beautiful Sushi

23 Sandwich!


24 Hot Dog

Hot Dog

25 Ice Cream on Neck

Ice Cream on Neck

26 So Many Veggies

So Many Veggies

27 Chinese Takeout

Chinese Takeout

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I love the carrot and pasta one

Blood from a turnip=cute

Why ?

Love the cherries & the first cupcake! Cute!

lollipop armpit?! Whatttt

The cherries and the neck ice cream were the most acceptable by me the rest ranged from huum okay to hell no

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