10 Foods That Will Work Magic on Your Eyes ...

By Neecey

10 Foods  That Will Work Magic on Your Eyes ...

How many times have you read about or seen pictures of cucumber slices and teabags as being perfect to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes? But did you know there are other foods that work magic on your eyes. You might try reaching for these next time instead of slicing up cucumber or drying out teabags.

1 Papaya

Papaya One of the best foods that you can use on your eyes is papaya. Papaya contains lots of enzymes that work to act of a natural and gentle exfoliant for around the eye area. The trick is to cut your papaya in to slices and place a couple over your eyes for roughly fifteen minutes. Once the time is up you will definitely notice that your face and eye area feels softer, more glowing and just nicer in general. Trust me, it works!

2 Banana

Banana Bananas are the go-to fruit if you are looking for something to give your eyes and skin a glowing look and feel. The high levels of potassium in the fruit boost brightness in a way that cucumber can only dream of. A great way to use it is to mash up half of a banana, and with your eyes tightly shut, smear it all over your lids. Leave it there to do its magic for as long as you can bare the stickiness - ideally fifteen minutes - and then wash off to enjoy the results.

3 Potatoes

Potatoes They might not be as exotic as papaya or banana, but potatoes definitely play their part! Many people will attest to the fact that rubbing a potato slice over your eyelids and face will help to combat unwanted oiliness in the skin. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

4 Watermelon

Watermelon I can’t think about watermelon anymore without having Beyonce’s voice in my head, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most effective fruits in beauty treatment! Watermelon is rich in vitamins A and C, and laying slices of the delicious fruit across you eyes can help to combat dryness, redness and puffiness. I won’t judge if you can’t help but eat the slices afterwards, I promise!

5 Avocado

Avocado It feels like avocado can be used for pretty much anything beauty related these days from hair to skin, and the eye area is certainly no exception. If you don’t mind getting a but sticky, try smearing some mashed up avocado over your eyes, this process gives an amazing boost of moisture and hydration for the surrounding skin. As a general rule, avocado should pretty much be the base ingredient in any DIY facemask that you want to make.

6 Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg lettuce is a classic when it comes to homemade and food based beauty treatments. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of some pesky redness and inflammation around the eye area, then you can’t go wrong with a few thick slices of iceberg lettuce. Refreshing and replenishing.

7 Strawberries

Strawberries These little babies aren’t just great with cream, they are also beneficial to your skin health! Many home beauty experts have claimed that mashing up a handful of strawberries and rubbing the goo under your eyes for 30 minutes can do wonders for perking up dull and dry skin.

8 Milk

food, dessert, produce, chocolate, flavor, While not necessarily a good, soaking cotton balls in milk will brighten your under eyes because of the lactic acid. (BONUS: It also tightens and softens!) Apply for 10 minutes and rinse away any excess and you're good to go.

9 Parsley

plant, vegetable, flower, produce, land plant, Parsley is packed full of Vitamin C and Vitamin K which will brighten and de-puff your eye area. Mix chopped parsley into hot water and apply under your eyes. Results aren't instant but should show in a few weeks.

10 Turmeric

dish, plant, food, produce, land plant, The active ingredient in turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness and darkness under your eyes. Mix this up with some pineapple juice (which is also a brightener) and apply under eyes for 10 minutes. Wipe away with a warm rag and you're set!

The power of Mother Nature’s bounty in your beauty routine is amazing. Have you tried any of these fruit and vegetables on your eyes? No? You gunna?

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