10 Foods 🥒🍓🥑 That Will Work Magic 🔮 on Your Eyes 👁👁 ...

How many times have you read about or seen pictures of cucumber slices and teabags as being perfect to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes? But did you know there are other foods that work magic on your eyes. You might try reaching for these next time instead of slicing up cucumber or drying out teabags.

1. Papaya

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One of the best foods that you can use on your eyes is papaya. Papaya contains lots of enzymes that work to act of a natural and gentle exfoliant for around the eye area. The trick is to cut your papaya in to slices and place a couple over your eyes for roughly fifteen minutes. Once the time is up you will definitely notice that your face and eye area feels softer, more glowing and just nicer in general. Trust me, it works!

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