7 French Beauty Secrets for Girls Who Want to Look beyond Chic 🇫🇷👠💋💃🏻🍷 ...

I think we can all agree that French women epitomize the word chic! They are classically undone, stick to minimal makeup and wardrobe choices, and adhere to a "no fuss" outlook on appearance and in life. Beautiful is an understatement! Listed below are a few secrets that keep French women looking chic 24/7!

1. Skin Care is a Must, NOT a Luxury

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Many places, particularly in America, skincare is kept to a minimum and considered "pampering" when we splurge on facials and fancy face creams. However, the French way of life is much different! They spend time taking care of their skin because honestly, it's worth it to invest in the canvas that you have for life!

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