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7 Fulfilling Reasons to Get a Job in the Beauty Industry ...

By Mikala

Have you considered getting a job in the beauty industry? Are you passionate about helping people look and feel their best? If so, a job in the beauty industry may be for you! I’ve worked in the beauty industry for several years, and find it to be a fulfilling and amazing way to spend my days and make a living. If you’re on the fence about pursuing this dream, this list of reasons to get a job in the industry is for you!

1 Perks

One of my favorite things about my job in the beauty industry is the amazing perks! As a professional makeup artist I’m able to order many of my favorite cosmetics at a major discount. Many makeup brands give professionals discounts to help build their makeup kits. And I’m occasionally given products for free for promotional purposes. When I worked at a spa as an esthetician, I regularly received free or discounted beauty services from haircuts and color to massages. If you’re going to be in the business of beauty, it’s a must to look your best and these perks make it easy!

2 Helping Others

I am passionate about helping others look and feel their best, and find the beauty industry the perfect place to let me do so. It’s amazing to see the reactions of my clients after I’ve given them a makeover! Many women struggle with self-esteem issues, so being able to help them look their best, even if it’s just for a day, is very rewarding. I love that I’m able to show people that they are beautiful inside and out.

3 Flexibility

Many jobs in the beauty industry offer flexibility when it comes to your schedule. If you choose to be a freelance artist or a booth rent stylist, you essentially own your business, which allows you to set your own schedule each day! This is a huge benefit, especially if you have children or other important responsibilities. My time is very valuable to me, so I love having the ultimate control over how much time I invest in my career.

4 Dress Code

Working in the beauty industry allows you to dress fashionably and show off your own unique style. Many jobs these days limit your freedom of expression by not allowing you to have unnatural hair colors, bright makeup, tattoos, or facial piercings. This is not the case in the beauty industry! While you still need to look professional, a job in the beauty industry offers more freedom when it comes to wardrobe options.

5 Continuing Education

I don’t know about you, but I love to constantly learn new things! The beauty industry offers tons of continuing education classes on a variety of topics. Want to learn to do eyelash extensions? Take a one or two day workshop to add this skill to your arsenal. Need extra practice applying bridal makeup? There are classes for that! The beauty industry allows you to constantly learn new services and techniques to offer your clients keeping you and them on the cutting edge of beauty!

6 Networking

A job in the beauty industry allows you to meet people from all walks of life. Many of my clients have turned into lifelong friends in addition to being loyal customers. I’ve met some really interesting people that I probably wouldn’t have had I worked at a boring desk job.

7 Atmosphere

The beauty industry offers a fun and exciting atmosphere to work in. If you’re a freelance artist that does hair or makeup on location, you’ll get to work in a new place every day. I’ve done makeup in hotels, at the mountains, and even in a car! People who work in the beauty industry are usually interesting creative types with great stories to tell. Having interesting coworkers definitely makes the workday go smoother.

If you’re interested in a job in the beauty industry, you’ll get to experience these perks on a regular basis! Having fun while being a professional is a valuable element when I’m searching for a job, and the beauty industry offers it. What beauty career are you interested in? Do you already have a career in the beauty industry? If so, what’s your favorite part of the job?

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