8 Game-Changing Beauty Shortcuts ...


8 Game-Changing Beauty Shortcuts ...
8 Game-Changing Beauty Shortcuts ...

Beauty shortcuts are absolutely one of the most important things in the world for us girls right? I know I couldn't live without some of these beauty shortcuts and now, I'm going to share a few with you! Ladies, if you are looking for beauty shortcuts that will cut your time in the bathroom but also make you look beautiful, these are them!

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Find the Right Shade of Blush

Blush is so, so important, but how can you find the right shade of blush? Well ladies, if it's really cold outside, go outside for a few minutes and when you come back in, you'll have some redness to your face. You should match that blush to that redness so that you'll know that it works for your skin type! If it's not cold outside, just stick your face in the freezer to get it cold! This is definitely a lifesaver beauty shortcut that really helped me choose my blush!


Ice Cold Bath for Wet Nails

If you are looking for a way to really dry your wet nails quick and easily, have a ice cold bowl of water nearby. Once you are done with painting up your nails, one beauty shortcut that you can take is to just place your nails in that ice cold bath. That will shock your nail polish and will make sure that it stays on your nails!


Depuff Eyes with Frozen Veggies

There are tons of different ways that you can get puffiness down from your eyes, but one of the surefire ways that I've tried is by placing some frozen veggies right onto your eyes. Typically, I use a bag of peas, only because it can mold to your face. Instantly, when you pull those veggies away, you'll see your depuffed eyes right away!


Soothe Post-Wax Irritation

One of the biggest things that I hate about getting my eyebrows waxed is the post-wax pain and irritation. Don't you hate that itching feeling? Ladies, if you just smooth some aloe on it, it truly makes it all better!


Blow Drying Tricks

When you are trying to do your hair fast, it's a pain to have to blow dry your hair right? I actually blow dry my hair everyday and one of the beauty shortcuts that I've found is actually blow drying my hair upside down! Not only does this add in a bit of volume but actually turning your head upside down and blow drying all of the under layers first makes the entire process faster!


Slim Your Face

Do you know any beauty shortcuts that can actually make your face look slimmer? Well ladies, just a bit of bronzer, some foundation and a brush and you'll be able to slim your face easily by contouring!


Good-Smelling Hair

Did you know that if you spray a bit of perfume into your hair, it can actually dry your hair out? You might want really good smelling hair, but spraying perfume on your hair isn't the answer. Instead, why not try a little bit of coconut oil in your hair? Just along the ends of it. This will make your hair smell awesome and look undamaged!


Baby Powder Uses

Finally, let's say you get up late for work and you're looking for a beauty shortcut to soak up all of the oil along your scalp. Just sprinkle a little baby powder in there, blow dry your hair and you've got an instant dry shampoo! Trust me, this works!

Finding the right beauty shortcuts for you is hard! Just because you are looking for beauty shortcuts to shorten your time in the bathroom, doesn't mean you need to skimp on quality! So ladies, what shortcuts do you use? Any here?

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