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There are so many ways to do eye makeup and I love how you can find so much inspiration on the internet! If you’re looking for some new ways to wear eye makeup, new colors or color combinations to wear; I found 42 absolutely stunning eye makeup looks you’ll want to try out. Makeup should be fun so feel free to experiment and don’t let yourself be intimidated. Even if some of the eye makeup looks look really complicated, don’t be afraid to try if you really love it. Just put your own twist on it and make it your own!

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Dramatic Purple

color,eyebrow,face,blue,eye, Via Bridal Hair
This shimmery eye makeup look is to die for! Love the colors with her blue eyes!


The shimmering shades of purple really make blue eyes pop with a mix of depth and brightness that can't be ignored. A sweep of violet on the lids can lift and brighten, while darker plum at the outer corners adds a touch of drama. Blend it well to avoid harsh lines, and don't forget a hint of sparkling lilac in the inner corners to really open up the eye area. Finish with a swipe of mascara for lashes that contrast beautifully against the vivid hues, creating an enchanting look that's perfect for any special occasion—or just because you feel like it!


Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

eyebrow,eye,face,brown,eyelash, Via Stuff i love...
I love this! So gorgeous with her brown eyes.


Butterfly Effect

eyebrow,color,hair,face,eye, Via Best in Show: Fall 2012
If you like wearing shimmery shadows, this is a beautiful look that looks fairly easy to replicate.


Natural Eye Makeup

eyebrow,face,nose,eye,eyelash, Via makeup ,hair and nails
A step by step tutorial for natural eye makeup.


For a subtle yet stunning look, start by applying a neutral eyeshadow base over the entire eyelid. To define the crease, blend a slightly darker shade, focusing on the outer edge for a soft, contoured effect. Use a light, shimmery color to brighten the inner corner of the eyes, creating an illusion of openness. For eyeliner, opt for a brown or soft black and gently draw a thin line close to the lash line, smudging it slightly for a more natural appearance. Finish with a coat of mascara to enhance the lashes, keeping the look polished and refined.


Cat Eye Makeup Looks

eyebrow,black and white,face,eye,eyelash, Via A Variety of Cat Eye ...
Great inspiration for trying out new cat eye looks!


4 Easy Eye Makeup Looks

eyelash,eyebrow,face,eyelash extensions,brown, Via 4 Easy Eye Makeup Looks ...
Looking for a way to incorporate a shot of bright colors?


Green Smoky Eye

eyebrow,eye,face,eyelash,nose, Via The Hottest Makeup Trends: 20 ...
Super sexy and chic way to do a smokey eye.


Soft Eye Makeup

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Contact Support
Simple, subtle yet impactful.


Taupe & Coral

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,nose, Via Maryam Maquillage: Taupe & Coral ...
I love this soft cat eye with this look.


Dramatic Lashes

eyebrow,color,face,cheek,eyelash, Via Eye makeup looks
Super long lashes and a strong cat eye.


Gold Eyes

eyebrow,color,eye,face,eyelash, Via 12 Easy Prom Makeup Ideas ...
Similar to the look above but with a pop of gold.


Purple Eyes

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via Hair and makeup
Great tutorial on purple and grey smokey eyes.


Purple Shadows

eyebrow,color,face,eye,pink, Via Makeup works wonders
This is a very bold look using a couple of different purple shadows.


Fire and Ice

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Instagram photo by @maryamnyc (Maryam ...
The silver shimmer really stands out, but the warm coral is equally pretty.


Peach, Lavender and Pink

color,eyebrow,face,eyelash,eye, Via SPRING
Love the pop of pink!


Dramatic Eyes

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,nose, Via 10 Show-Stopping Eye Makeup Looks
Bold and unapologetic.


Brown Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via 12 Easy Prom Makeup Ideas ...
Very soft and warm.


Rose Gold and Purple

eyebrow,face,blue,eye,eyelash, Via ABC: Always Be Cute
What an unexpected combo of colors; so clean and chic.



eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,nose, Via TiffanyD: Fall Makeup Tutorial (Lorac ...
Beautiful look for fall.


Rose Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,color,face,pink,eyelash, Via makeup
Try out this eye makeup look inspired by the rose.


Purple Eye Makeup

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via Catch Up with the Purple ...
Purple isn't just for brown eyes!


Catching Fire Eye Makeup Look

Instagram,color,eyebrow,face,eye, Via preen.me
Fiery and Fierce!


Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,eye,face,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Tutorial: Bronzed Smoke Eyes, using ...
A cool smokey eye done with the UD Naked Palette


Korean Eye Makeup Looks

eyebrow,face,eyelash,nose,eye, Via The Virtual Vixen: Korean Eye ...
Quick tutorial on Korean eye makeup.


Blue and Green

color,green,face,eye,blue, Via Makeupresults.com
Beautiful gradient eye makeup look.


Day to Night Blue Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,color,eye,face,blue, Via Dive In and Go Blue ...
Could you see yourself wearing this?


Arabian Eye Makeup

color,eyebrow,eye,face,green, Via arabian eye make upvv
Amazing eye makeup!


Simple Neutral Glitter Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,face,eye,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Glitter is my crack...: Simple ...
For the glitter lover in all of us.


Fall Eye Makeup

eyebrow,color,face,eyelash,eye, Via fashionstylemag.com
Double winged eyeliner and long lashes.


Burnt Orange and Silver Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,color,face,eye,blue, Via pinsta.me
So sexy!


Teal Eyes

color,face,blue,eye,green, Via fashionstylemag.com
Great color for summer!


Purple Smoky Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,eye,face,blue,eyelash, Via Smoky Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial
A new take on on a classic.


Purple and Black Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,color,face,eye,purple, Via Pictures : Eye Makeup Ideas ...
Super dramatic and bold!


Bronze Eye Makeup

eyelash,eyebrow,eye,face,eyelash extensions, Via DazzlingbySchnee (@dazzlingbyschnee) • Instagram photos ...
Beautiful bronze lids.


Taupe, Silver, Lilac and Gray Eye Makeup Look Tutorial

eyebrow,eye,face,eyelash,eyelash extensions, Via Glitter is my crack...: Tuape, ...
Neutrals are always so pretty.


HeatWave Eye Makeup Look

color,eyebrow,face,blue,eye, Via Heat Wave Eye Makeup Look
Very pretty and unique.


Stunning Purple

color,eyebrow,face,violet,purple, Via makeup.
Yet another drop dead gorgeous purple eye makeup look!


Simple Smokey Eye Makeup Look

eyebrow,face,eyelash,eye,brown, Via Smokey Eyes | ez Smokey ...
An easy way to recreate smokey eyes.


Easy, Elegant Eye Makeup Looks

eyebrow,face,nose,eye,cheek, Via Easy, Elegant Eye Makeup Looks ...
Simple and elegant.


Natural Eyes

eyebrow,face,eyelash,eye,nose, Via Easy, Elegant Eye Makeup for ...
Perfect for every day!


Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Looks

violet,purple,eyelash,eye,organ, Via Disney-Inspired Eye Makeup Designs: Get ...
Would you wear Disney inspired eye makeup?


Strong Cat Eye

eyebrow,eyelash,face,eyelash extensions,eye, Via An item from Instagram.com
Minimal eye shadow with falsies and the perfect cat eye.

What did you think of these eye makeup looks? Do you think you'll try any out?

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I love the natural eye .....

looks so ppretty

Is there a Aqua kinda color for your eyes.

That is so pretty!

are u a filipino . thanks for the tips :-)

I don't even wear makeup but these look nice

Some of them are just so dramatic!!

fr the cat eye makeup i always do the thin line :3

I don't know how to do simple make up lol so I can't do it

So beautiful!!!

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