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I won’t be judgmental but the easiest way to hide a hangover is to not get one in the first place! Actually, I’m quite sympathetic because my body has a very erratic response to alcohol. Sometimes I can drink like a fish (how weird a saying is that?) and other times, half a glass of wine and my head is banging. If you cannot stay in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself and simply have to go out, there are ways you can hide a hangover.

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Drink, Drink, and Drink Some More

I mean water! After you've had an indulgent night you may have puffiness and dark shadows around your eyes and a severe headache of course. One of the simplest ways to hide a hangover is to keep hydrated. As you get back to your crib after having some boisterous fun, drink plenty of water. Your peepers will usually look wrinkled and dehydrated, and drinking water will help. During the day, consider drenching your parched skin in moisturizer.


Explore Your Kitchen for a Solution

Yes, there are simple remedies in your kitchen. A potato for instance will save the day for you. Grate it and pound it into a paste. Get a piece of clean cloth and wrap the raw potato hash in it. Now, place the potato poultice on your eyes for a few minutes. Potatoes will help reduce the puffiness because they have anti-inflammatory properties. They are extremely useful in soothing irritation and redness.


Make a Cup of Tea

All you have to do is steep black, green, or even chamomile teabags in hot water for a few minutes. Now, get these teabags out and keep them aside until they cool off completely. Get a tissue to wrap these cold tea bags and place them over each closed eye. Let them sit there for fifteen minutes for the tannins in the tea to constrict blood vessels and bring your skin back to normal.


Turn to Caffeine

One of the easiest ways to hide a hangover and look a little perkier is to drink some caffeinated drink. A few sips of coffee will always put a little bounce in your step. Interestingly, you can apply caffeine topically to dark circles, and especially wrinkles (crow's feet) around your eyes. Some studies have shown that caffeine can restrict blood vessels and help you hide the signs of a hangover. Don't drink too much coffee though – it is a diuretic and may make matters worse.


Use Cold Spoons

Okay, so your alarm is blaring, and you have a class to catch in t-minus 1 hour, but you're experiencing a serious hangover. To ensure your hangover doesn't incapacitate you, give cold spoons therapy a shot. Place the back of a cold spoon on your eyes to get rid of those huge dark under-eye circles. It works amazingly well to reduce discoloration and swelling to make you look like a real person, once again.


Say Yes to Peppermint

In addition to puffiness, dark circles, and bloodshot eyes, another common symptom of a hangover is nausea. To reduce that heaving nausea feeling, try ginger or peppermint tea or just go for ginger.


Grin and Face It

Oh, yeah, you may not be expecting it anyway, but sometimes, one of the best ways to hide a hangover is to put a smile on your face, even if it's fake or hurts like hell. Remember, alcohol is always a mood depressant, but maintaining a good attitude will help you fight a hangover. It's psychological!

Of course, you could wear sunglasses all day but they first thing anyone will ask is if you had a bad night. Try these ways – one’s bound to work. Do you have any other ways to hide a hangover to share with us?

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To AVOID a hangover, do a shot of water after every shot, or just drink water while you're drinking, I swear by this rule

everytime i have a hangover hot chocolate helps me a lot.

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