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There are so many awesome Lush products to try out these days that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Fortunately for you, I’m a self-professed “Lushie” and know the ins and outs of my personal favorites. Whether you’re looking for Lush products to try, or just need to spice up your current collection, you’ve come to the right place!

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Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb Buy here: lushusa.com

The Twilight bath bombs are my all-time favorite Lush product. I will be buying them well into my eighties. They have a soft, somewhat floral scent with warmer undertones that make it the nicest scent they offer, in my opinion. They’re also insanely relaxing and moisturizing. There’s also a bit of secret surprise to them. They leave a little bit of glitter on your skin. I don’t think it’s too noticeable, but some people don’t like it. If you’re looking to begin your Lush collection, this should definitely be one of your first Lush products to try!


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb Buy here: lushusa.com

The Lord of Misrule bath bomb is seasonal, but I’m secretly hoping and wishing that Lush will change that. It’s a scent with a nice spice to it, but it’s not too strong. It’s warm with cinnamon undertones and leaves the nicest color in your bath. It’s a rich burgundy color that will make you sad to drain the bathtub. If you’re a fan of warmer scents, this is the bath bomb for you!


Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap Buy here: lushusa.com

Honey I Washed the Kids is one of the most popular products by Lush, and with good reason. It has an insanely good honey and vanilla scent that would appeal to almost anyone. The soap is amazing, but the scent can also be found in almost all of their products in some form. It will undoubtedly become a staple in your Lush collection.


Ma Bar Bubble Bar

Ma Bar Bubble Bar Buy here: lushusa.com

The Ma Bar is described as chocolate and honey toffee scented, but it’s really just the Honey I Washed the Kids scent with heavier chocolate notes. It’s like bathing in hot chocolate, without the sticky mess of course. It also comes with an adorable brown sugar cube. All in all, it’s definitely something to try if you’re fond of the bubble bars from Lush.


Floating Island Bath Melt

Floating Island Bath Melt Buy here: lushusa.com

This bath melt is perfect for you if you’re a fan of lighter scents. It’s not very strong; it just smells faintly of vanilla and cocoa butter. Aside from the scent, it is so moisturizing and froths away like a bath bomb would. It’s everything you love about bath bombs and bath melts rolled into one!


Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) Massage Bar

Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) Massage Bar Buy here: lushusa.com

If you’ve never tried a Lush massage bar, I strongly suggest you find one right now. They’re luxurious and all-around moisturizing, and the scents they offer are out of this world. My personal favorite is the Soft Coeur massage bar. It has a similar scent to the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, but there are little pockets of chocolate hidden in it. It also lasts for a very long time, so I personally think it’s a cheaper alternative to regular lotion.


When massaging your skin with the Soft Coeur bar, you'll feel the difference as it melts at body temperature, releasing the nourishing cocoa butter and almond oil. Imagine the warm, sweet aroma enveloping you, almost good enough to eat. This bar is like a decadent dessert for your skin that treats and hydrates without leaving a greasy residue. Perfect for those cold winter nights when your skin needs extra TLC, it's a divine indulgence that makes the chilly season feel a whole lot cozier. Spoil yourself or a loved one with this scrumptious skin treat!


Big Blue Bath Bomb

Big Blue Bath Bomb Buy here: lushusa.com

If you’re looking for an exciting island getaway but can’t necessarily take one right now, I’ve found the perfect alternative. This bath bomb even includes seaweed to give you the true island experience. It smells of lavender and sea salt, making for a relaxing island day without leaving your home. If you’re not a fan of the seaweed, as many people aren’t, simply put your bath bomb in an old pair of nylons and you’ll get all of the magic without the mess!


Butterball Bath Bomb

Butterball Bath Bomb Buy here: lushusa.com

The Butterball bath bomb is another perfect scent for those that prefer fainter smells .It’s moisturizing and comforting with a soft vanilla scent. It turns your bath into a creamy, luxurious dream. You will never want to leave your bathtub.


The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter Bubble Bar Buy here: lushusa.com

The Comforter, unlike Butterball, is not for those who do not like heavy scents. It’s basically like inhaling cotton candy or bubblegum. It’s sugary magic. It’s absolutely glorious. I’m usually not a fan of these types of scents but The Comforter is one of my favorites.


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Buy here: lushusa.com

The Sex Bomb is a huge fan favorite. It’s floral-scented, so if you’re not a fan of floral this may not be for you. It does leave behind a paper rose, which annoys some people. However, if it does bother you, it’s super easy to remove!


Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Rose Jam Bubbleroon Buy here: lushusa.com

This bubble bar is absolutely adorable. It looks like a macaroon and smells even better. It has the same scent as the Sex Bomb, so if you’re looking for something that goes well with the Sex Bomb bath bomb, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is the way to go!

What are your favorite Lush products? I'm always looking for new products to try!

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I love lush it's the best store ever

I love Lush! I also am in love with Honey I Washed the Kids! I also love the Eau-Roma toner, and the Vanilla Powder (Can't remember the name) that you can spread everywhere, from your bed sheets to your hair as dry shampoo! :) Oh, and I can't forget the Let the Good Times Rolls scrub wich smell amazing!

They're rehab shampoo is great

I got introduced to lush products for my 20th birthday and have been in LOVE ever since, I always like to try something new when I visit the Lush store at my local mall, but the products I always keep consistent are the bubble gum lip scrub, so amazing! Softens your lips and also tastes really good! Adds a little something to your makeup routine. Also the happy hippy shower gel, I must admit I originally picked it up because of the name, I'm obsessed with all things hippy but the nice citrus smell lingers on your body for the whole day! I absolutely LOVE it, it smells so nice and fresh and very youthful and alive. Both products I'd recommend to anyone. If you've never tried a Lush store, you don't know what you're missing! You'll be infatuated with all their products and the staff is usually so nice and knowledgeable especially for fickle minded people like myself.

I don't think this list does justice to all the wonderful products that lush has to offer. It's basically a list of the authors favourite bath bombs. As a lush lover since 2007 I know their range is slightly more extensive. Like awesome face masks, face scrubs, moisturizers, shampoo (liquid and bar!), conditioner, bath soaps / gels/ creams & jelly, decadent body lotions, massage bars and creams, oh the list is endless! I've only just scratched the surface here. Anyone wishing to try lush (and I think you absolutely MUST!) should just go to the store and try a bunch of diff stuff. The staff are great with that and you can just take some samples home with you first if that's what you prefer. You can also return a purchased product if you don't like it after use.

Let the good times roll is amazing!and so every haircare products!

Has anyone tried the dark angels charcoal mask?

Okay article, but every product you described was bath-related, with the exception of one massage bar. Lush has plenty more of other products..

Their lip scrubs are the best....I've tried Bubble Gum and Dear Santa. Both so good! None of Your Beeswax lip balm works great. Also, their facial cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin, and acne gel, Grease Lightning are amazing.

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