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Remedies for Puffy Eyes I’m going to discus today will help you reduce that undesired redness and swollen appearance and get your eyes to look as pretty as usual. After all, a girl has got to have a few quick and easy remedies for puffy eyes in her sleeve – right? Right! Well, here are 7 awesome remedies for puffy eyes that ought to do the trick:

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As strange as it sounds, Vaseline actually qualifies as one of the best at-home remedies for puffy eyes! The secret is in its active ingredients which reduce swelling thus making this product one of the first things your mom or even grandma would suggest using to reduce puffiness.


Vaseline is a great and affordable remedy for puffy eyes. It contains active ingredients that help reduce swelling and puffiness, making it a popular go-to choice for many generations. It's easy to use; simply apply a small amount of Vaseline to the affected area. It's also important to note that Vaseline should not be used as a substitute for eye cream, as it does not provide the same nourishing benefits. Additionally, Vaseline can also be used to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It works by locking in moisture and creating a barrier that helps to protect the delicate skin around the eyes.


Cold Water

A splash of cold water is one of my favorite remedies for puffy eyes and, although this simple cure needs no special introductions or explanations, I thought it would be good to mention it anyways. Washing your face with cold water will help you wake up and make your skin look fresh, youthful and well rested so it should be a part of your daily skin care routine even if puffy eyes are not amongst those problems you have to deal with on daily basis.



This worldwide known remedy for puffy eyes really works and its effectiveness has everything to do with soothing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties cucumbers are famous for. Cucumber slices, however, won’t do much so I’d suggest grating or mashing your cucumber instead as this will help your skin soak up all of its wonderful ingredients much faster. Pack this mixture in thin gauzes, chill and you’ll have a great completely natural remedy for puffy eyes that really works like a charm.


Chilled Bags of Black or Green Tea

The main ingredients of these teas, caffeine and tannic acid, will help shrink those blood vessels around your eyes, instantly deflating the whole area and making it appear youthful and firm. Not too bad for a simple tea bag – right? Simply dip two bags in water, chill for a few minutes and place on your poor puffy eyes.


Puffy Pillow

Your puffy eyes might be the result of too much water being retained in this area while you sleep so, if your eyes keep looking tired despite the fact that you’re getting your much-needed rest, try getting a puffy pillow that will keep your head elevated and prevent the excessive retention of fluids that are responsible for your “swollen” morning appearance.


Fight Water Retention

Swollen eyes, face and even ankles suggest that your body retains too much water which means that you should focus on the big picture rather than just individual remedies for puffy eyes. Reduce your daily salt intake, drink plenty of water, exercise and incorporate natural diuretics such as cabbage into your diet.


Sour Cream and Parsley Mixture

Sour cream and parsley don’t only make a tasty, yet refreshing salad dressing but can be used as a remedy for puffy eyes as well! All you have to do is mix sour cream and finely chopped parsley together, wrap this mixture into two thin gauzes and leave them on your eyes for about 10 minutes.

Have you ever used any of these remedies for puffy eyes and which one of them has proved to be the most effective? I’ve also heard that frozen veggies and frozen spoons work great but that’s one of those remedies for puffy eyes I personally refuse to try out simply because I’ve read that these sensitive areas of skin shouldn’t be exposed to such low temperatures. What do you think?

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Brilliant, ;)

What you could also do is freeze a spoon and then let it sit overnight and when you wake up put the back of it where the puffiness is and then it will go away!

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