Green Beauty Products to Try This Year ...

By Karen

Green Beauty Products to Try This Year ...

I'm here with some great green beauty brands to try this year. An easy and fun New Year’s resolution is to try new beauty products. Do you want to bump it up a notch and try something new that is also good for you and the planet? Read more about exciting green beauty brands to try this year here.

1 Ayuna Less is Better

This brand was created by two beauty industry veterans based in Spain. It is the ultimate cosmetic line in efficacy, luxury, and sustainability. They believe in the well-aging philosophy and their products promote topical fasting (not overloading the skin with too many products or ingredients). It's one of the best green beauty brands to try this year.

2 Cleo & Coco

Are you interested in detoxing? The Cleo & Coco Detox Dust is an amazing multitasker. Use it for a dry shower all over your body to absorb moisture and eliminate odor.

3 Love Botanical

Herbal skin care is not new, but this delightfully fragranced brand uses plant aromas from around the world that are harvested sustainably.

4 Meant

You may have noticed by now that simplicity and multi-tasking were trends that emerged in 2017. Meant embodies both. You can get everything you need from the 5 all-natural products they offer including body wash and shampoo.

5 Kelia Skincare

The ethics of sustainable sourcing are important at Kelia. The superstar ingredient they use is Kigelia Africana fruit extract. This amazing ingredient contains antibacterial properties, helps firm your skin, and even fights melanoma. And Kelia skincare has pledged to support the communities that provide this incredible extract.

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