10 Destructive Habits That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes ...

By Alicia

10 Destructive Habits That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes ...

Long, luscious lashes are something we all dream of. You only have to watch a couple of mascara commercials to verify that. But there’re some habits that can sabotage your lashes. If you want to achieve the lovely lashes you’re dreaming of then you need to avoid these 7 habits that can ruin your lashes.

1 Curling Your Lashes Too Harshly

Eyelash curlers have transformed eyelashes for many women. This one little magical tool can make your eyes look more open, which instantly gives you a more awake look. It also makes your lashes look a flirtier, which is always fun. But you need to use an eyelash curler with caution. A gentle squeeze at the base, middle and tip of your lashes is enough.

2 Wearing Waterproof Mascara Daily

There’re times when you absolutely have to have waterproof mascara. Vacationing at the beach, attending a funeral or getting married are a few times you can’t just settle for regular mascara. However, waterproof mascara isn’t what you want to wear daily. It takes a lot more effort to remove it which means more wear and tear for your lashes to endure. Only wear waterproof when it’s necessary to protect your lashes.

3 Not Washing Your Makeup off before You Go to Bed

Some nights it’s so hard to drag yourself into the bathroom and wash your makeup off. We’ve all been there! But push through because sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst beauty mistakes you can make. Not only is it terrible for your skin, it’s murder on your lashes. Mascara makes your lashes stiff which means they crunch against the pillow and are more prone to breakage.

4 Expecting Your Cleanser to do It All

We’re hearing more and more about double cleansing and the benefits it gives your skin. While it’s a relatively new theory, there’s no doubt that a cleanser alone isn’t enough to remove mascara completely. Before you wash your makeup off, use an eye makeup remover to remove your mascara. You’ll be amazed how much difference this makes. Then your cleanser can come through and remove the last traces of your mascara so your lashes are fully cleansed.

5 Being Addicted to Falsies

False eyelashes can kick the drama up thousands of notches when it comes to your lash game. They’re amazing and give you a lash effect no mascara can compete with. But they’re not easy on your natural lashes, especially if you wear falsies regularly. It’s perfectly fine to wear them on occasion but don’t allow them to become part of your daily routine. No one wants damaged lashes.

6 Not Replacing Your Mascara Often Enough

Replacing your mascara can easily slip your mind. But it’s important that you don’t forget. Make it a priority to change your mascara every 2-3 months. If you have to, write it on your calendar to remind you. Using an old mascara can lead to eye infections which are very unpleasant and can even affect your eyelashes.

7 Treating Your Lashes Roughly

Lashes are delicate. They need to be treated gently when you’re applying mascara and removing it. It’s easy to forget this because we tend to treat our skin with a more forceful hand. Being rough with your lashes can cause unnecessary fallout and breakage. And if clumps are an issue then be sure to remove them with a clean mascara wand rather than with your fingers.

8 Tugging out Mascara Clumps

Let's be honest, if you see a mascara clump or imperfection after applying makeup, it can be easy to want to grab your lashes to fix it. But avoid the instinct as you can pull out lashes by mistake and cause more harm than good! No makeup look is worth that. What is a great tool to use for clumps and weird eyelash strands and using a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to try and fix it. If you rip some lashes out, they can take a bit to grow back, and you don't want that!

9 Constantly Wearing Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are HUGE right now. And they actually are a great alternative to wearing false lashes, because when they are applied, your eyes are closed and glue won't get your eyes! Plus, they last a lot longer than falsies. But they can do some harm if you are always getting them applied. The false lashes are placed on top of your natural lashes, so when the extensions fall out, some of your natural lashes are bound to go with them!

10 Rubbing Your Eyes

This habit is so so hard to avoid, especially with allergy season! Its so easy to want to rub and itch your eyes when they are, well, itchy! Doing so irritates your eyes further and can twist your lashes to make them fall out. We don't want that! If you have to itch or rub your eyes, keep gentleness and mind and take care to not be harsh on your lashes.

These 10 habits can ruin your lashes. If there’s one you’re guilty of, work on breaking it ASAP. Your lashes will thank you!

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One trick to protect your lashes from waterproof mascara: wear one to two coats of regular mascara then layer two coats of waterproof over the top. The waterproof seals the regular so crying, sweating, etc doesn't ruin it. But the regular makes it easier to remove with a two phase makeup remover.


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