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Hair Removal Mistakes You Could Be Making for Girls with Hair Troubles ...

By Jessica

Being hairless is a primary goal of most women! Smooth, supple, glowing skin isπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ! However, if you struggle with razor burn and skin irritations of the like, you might be making some common hair removal mistakes! Keep reading to know what you need to avoid next time you get rid pesky stubble, either by shaving or waxing.

1 Forgetting to Exfoliate 😭

Exfoliating your skin before any hair removal process will greatly reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and dirt and oils, which clog the hair follicles after a shave or wax. Also remember to use a dry skin moisturizer before and after any hair removal process!

2 Shaving While Taking a Bath πŸ’¦πŸ›

Shaving while taking a hot bath is anything but rejuvinating when you just wanna sit back and relax. Hot water will also puff up your legs and make them seem more stubbly and less smooth, hiding the hairs beneath the swollen skin. Either shave right away or don't shave in a hot bath/shower.


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3 Using a Dull Blade 😱

A dull blade just doesn't yield a close shave. You're also prone to getting red bumps and irritated skin. Not awesome! Don't let your razor sit in your shower for weeks on end- instead, replace your blades every week or so to ensure a close, bump-free shave.

4 Forgetting Shaving Cream 😣

It might be a time-saver to skip on the shaving cream, but you won't get a close shave! Shaving cream applied against your hair growth allows the hair to stand up, creating an easier surface for hair removal. Plus, you're less likely to get nicks and will have softer skin!

5 Shaving First Thing in the AM ⏰

While you sleep, your extremities swell a bit. Just like with bathing in hot water and then shaving, this is the same concept. Your legs will retain a bit of water and hide some hair, making a close shave near impossible. Shave your legs in the evening for a closer, smoother shave!

6 Waxing Incorrectly at Home πŸ™†πŸΌ

Waxing seems easy when a profession does it. But just like most salon treatments, there's skill and training involved! At home, the wax could be too hot, and without the right tension and precision, you could miss spots as well as really irritate your skin and end up with bruises! So be careful and do your research! πŸ€—

7 Waxing Too Much 😰

For waxing, you need to resist the temptation to shave while the hair grows out. You should be waiting at least 4 weeks before you next waxing appointment because your hair needs to be 1/4-1/2 inch long! Otherwise the wax won't grab the hair and you'll just be irritating and tearing at your skin! 😩

Shaving and waxing kind of suck but are a necessary part of our beauty routine (if you so choose). I wish laser hair removal was more affordable! 😝 What other hair removal mistakes have you picked up on?

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