10 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair ...

By Lisa

10 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair ...

Hair treatments for damaged hair don’t have to cost a fortune or result in having to buy a bunch of crazy ingredients you’ve never heard of either. There is nothing worse than having dry, damaged hair and using a bunch of products that only weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy. Fortunately, all you need to do is incorporate the right damaged hair tips and treatments, and your hair will be lush and healthy. Try out these tried and true damaged hair treatments for that will leave you rolling in the deep…conditioner that is.

1 Mayo/Olive Oil/Egg Hair Treatment

You’ve probably heard of this awesome hair treatment for damaged hair before, all the ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now! Combine mayo (room temp if possible), ½ cup of olive oil and 3 egg yolks in a bowl and mix. Apply all over your hair and rinse well after 10-20 minutes, be sure you only rinse and not shampoo afterward. You should have enough left for another treatment or share with a friend!

2 Bananas and Avocados Hair Treatment

Don’t you hate when you buy bananas and before you know it they’re all soft and too ripe?! I found the perfect damaged hair treatment where you can use those mushy bananas! Take your overripe banana, an avocado, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix, and apply to damp hair. Leave this mixture in for about 20 minutes and rinse well with cold water. Your hair will be super shiny and soft!

3 Honey Hair Treatment

Honey in your hair? Yes! Honey is one of the best hair treatments for damaged hair. Simply take a ½ cup of honey and massage into damp hair. You can also throw in a couple tablespoons of olive oil so the honey is easier to wash out and you’ll have the smoothest hair in town! It might seem strange to apply such a sticky substance on your hair but honey is great for strengthening and moisturizing damaged hair.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Treatment

This stuff stinks to high heaven but it is useful for SO many things! Combine one part water and one part ACV in a small spray bottle and rub on your scalp for itchy scalps. For a great damaged hair treatment, mix ½ cup of water and ½ cup of cold water and pour the mixture on your hair after your shampoo and condition your hair and leave it on for about 5 minutes.

5 Avocado, Banana and Yogurt Hair Treatment

The avocados and bananas are back. Mix ½ of a banana, a tablespoon on plain yogurt, and ¼ of an avocado and coat your hair and rinse after 20 minutes. Bananas contain many vitamins and help soften your hair while avocados have fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients to moisturize your hair. You can always eat the leftover banana and yogurt while you let the hair treatment set!

6 Beer Hair Treatment

Beer is good for more than chugging and marinating with steak; it’s a great clarifying and detangling treatment for dry hair. In fact, beer is an essential ingredient in many of the best hair treatments for damaged hair. The protein in beer (from the hops and barley) helps to moisturize, enhance shine and strengthen your hair. Around once a week, shampoo your hair as usual then pour a bottle of beer through your hair, massage, then rinse. Ta da! Soft and shiny hair will be yours.

7 Avocado/Olive Oil/Baking Powder Hair Treatment

Avocados are making a lot of cameos today and for good reason. Avocados are like nature’s moisturizer for your hair and skin. For this hair treatment, mash 1 avocado then thoroughly mix with and 1 tablespoon each of baking powder and olive oil. Apply to your hair for 15 minutes and rinse. If you have an extra avocado after you make your hair treatment, you can whip the pulp of another avocado and apply it on your face for a moisturizing mask!

8 Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

It seems like coconut oil is like the IT oil right now, it’s everywhere! If you own a jar of this multi-purpose wonder, you can use it to replenish and revitalize damaged hair. Grab 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and heat in intervals in the microwave until it turns to liquid. Test to make sure it’s not too hot to apply to your scalp, then add 1 egg and mix. After mixing, apply to your hair and cover it with a shower cap, saran wrap, whatever you can find to cover it up, leave on for 30-40 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

9 Cucumber/Egg/Olive Oil Hair Treatment

I know this is starting to sound like a salad, but believe me, it’s an amazing hair treatment for dry or damaged hair. Start with blending 1 egg with a tablespoon of olive oil and ¼ of a cucumber. Next, massage through hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water after 10 minutes for soft and silky strands.

10 One-Ingredient Only Hair Treatment

Most of the recipes thus far have contained multiple ingredients but if you’re short on cash or time, simply use 1 mashed up avocado and apply to your hair or add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to your hair, wait around 10 minutes, and rinse. You can get just as good of results with one ingredient as you can with two or three and your hair will be softer and more manageable than ever!

There are tons of DIY hair treatments out there and many are inexpensive, easy, and best of all, all natural! Try out these hair treatments for damaged hair and let us know what you think! If you know of any other damaged hair treatments to try, please share those as well!

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Will any of this take out the color? I currently have aqua/blue hair color. Thank you

On the first on, how much mayonaise should we use? And also, is it okay to combine a few of these? Thank you.(:

what about avocado banana and olive oil? is that okay?

For the last way, by using avocado and olive oil, would you only rinse your hair afterwards or could you use shampoo too?

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