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Halloween is literally weeks away so I’ve rounded up 10 great Halloween makeup tutorials to help you along the way! There are so many details that go into good makeup and costume so these makeup tutorials can help you to make a mental to-do list of the things you need before the big night comes. From scary to sweet to sexy, I’ve thrown together a little bit of everything on this list! Use these makeup tutorials for inspiration or follow them to the T to help you achieve your most hauntingly good look!

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Forest Fairy

This Halloween makeup tutorial is too cute and girly for words! If you’ve ever fantasized about being a fairy, this look was made for you! This Halloween idea isn’t that complicated makeup-wise and focuses on the eye area with some really bedazzling accents! If you’re not into painting your whole face with crazy colors and want a pretty look, check this tutorial out!


Creepy Doll

A much more elaborate Halloween makeup tutorial but the results are so worth it! This video shows you how to create a creepy doll look and with the majority of the makeup being items you probably already own! I love this look because it’s creepy yet cute if that’s possible and the scars around the lip area look so cool! This look obviously takes longer to create than some of the others on here but you’ll definitely make a lasting impression!



This is one of the best ideas for Halloween and would even work great as a night on the town look! This requires a very “normal” makeup look with a lot of emphasis on the eyes! Think fierce and alluring eyes without any crazy colors, just a clean and sexy look! The only beauty product you might have to purchase is some long and feminine lashes!


Scary Skull

This is one of the best skulls and Halloween makeup looks I’ve seen this year! This video doesn’t have any verbal instructions but you can watch her create the look step-by-step. This is a much more complex look than some of the others on the list thus far, but if you love scary makeup and costumes, you’ve gotta give this a try!


Pop Art Girl

Here’s another fun and feminine Halloween makeup tutorial for those who are fans of Roy Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl or Pop Art comics in general! This video is on the longer side but it takes you step-by-step through recreating the famous Crying Girl look. If you don’t like the reddish dots on your face, white dots look just as good without looking like you’ve come down with a case of the measles or chicken pox!


Sugar Skull

I love Sugar Skulls and this makeup tutorial for Halloween shows you how to recreate this creepy yet sweet look! The wig is optional as most people just wear their hair down or up in a cute braided style or bun but it’s totally up to you. Also, many people report that this look can take up to a couple of hours so if you’re set on doing this look, make sure you practice before the big night!



Scary Halloween makeup tutorials wouldn’t be complete without including a video on something gross and scary! If you’ve ever seen the classic horror movie "The Exorcist", this tutorial will help you recreate the unforgettable makeup for Linda Blair as a possessed little girl. Shock all of your friends with this crazy creepy makeup!


Zombie Pin-up Girl

So far on this list of Halloween makeup tutorials we’ve seen a little bit of scary and a little bit of sexy so how about a look that combines both?! This video will show you how to pull off sexy zombie makeup so you’re in the spirit of Halloween with some blood and gory stuff but you get to show off your seductive side as well!


Sexy Cat

This makeup tutorial for Halloween features a flirty look that is pretty low-key in terms of Halloween makeup but it’s very pretty and sassy! I think most difficult part of this makeup would be the cheetah-print on the eyes. But, it looks so cool and totally sets this cat makeup apart from all of the others with just drawn-on whiskers and a nose! This would also make a fantastic look if you decide to go out last-minute and still want to be festive!


Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas

Even for those who have never seen the movie, this Halloween makeup is easily recognizable and fun! This costume would be really cool for a couple or a family to do also! If you’re not too crazy about the big eyes, you can opt to not go that route and just wear your eye makeup as usual and you’ll still be just as nightmarish!

All of these Halloween makeup tutorials will show you how you can transform yourself into a sexy, cute, creepy or scary figure or even a cartoon character! I hope you got some ideas on makeup or costumes to help you consider or decide on your Halloween costume this year! Where you do you get inspirations for Halloween costumes? Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween this year?

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10 Hauntingly Good Halloween Makeup Tutorials ... Check this out :) (via Twitter)

How awesome are these! 10 Hauntingly Good Halloween Makeup Tutorials ... (via Twitter)

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