Having an "I Feel Fat" Day? Here's How to Deal with It ...


Having an "I Feel Fat" Day? Here's How to Deal with It ...
Having an "I Feel Fat" Day? Here's How to Deal with It ...

It’s one of the meanest quirks of human nature, but no matter how in shape you are or how well you have been doing on a diet or fitness programme recently, you are always susceptible to having those days where you just feel totally and utterly fat! Every lady reading this (and any dudes who might have found their way here!) will know what having an ‘I feel fat’ day feels like. None of your clothes seem to be fitting you in the right way, you hate what you see every time you look in the mirror, but for one reason or another, you just can’t seem to put your finger on the cause. No matter what the cause might be, here’s how to deal with an ‘I feel fat’ day!

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Identify the Source

Take a second to try and think about what it is about today specifically that is making you feel this way. Are you at a certain point in your menstrual cycle where your hormones are playing tricks on you? Did you have a particularly naughty meal last night that has left you feeling bloated? If you can put your finger on a cause, then your mentality towards your feelings can change.


Don’t Overcompensate

Try not to punish yourself for having these fat day feelings, because you can’t put on two stone overnight and you are probably suffering mentally rather than physically. Instead, commit to doing a few things that you know will make you happy. Meeting up with friends, going to visit family, treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy, anything that will help you to get out of the fat feeling funk that you are in.



One way that you can boost your endorphins and reduce your fat feelings is to just get up and get moving. I’m not talking about running a marathon, it can be as simple as going for a twenty-minute walk around your neighbourhood. Feelings like this can compound with increased inactivity, so push them aside by getting out of your house and doing something that makes your body work. Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging if you feel up to it, these are all great ways to make yourself feel better.


Get over It

This might sound like a harsh one to finish on, but there comes a point where your dissatisfaction with your own body can turn in to a dangerous pity party! The things I have mentioned above plus a whole host of further tips are ways to start healing the relationship between your mind and your body, so don’t just sit there feeling unhappy with yourself, work your way to getting over it by doing something!

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