7 Heatwave Essentials Every Girl Should Own ...


7 Heatwave Essentials Every Girl Should Own ...
7 Heatwave Essentials Every Girl Should Own ...

What are your heatwave essentials? Similarl to summer essentials, heatwave essentials are things you turn to when the weather is hot – and you don’t have time to pack your entire wardrobe. Ideally, they should all fit into your summer bag, too, which makes this no easy feat. I’ve been narrowing down my options – I’ve had thousands of emails asking for my list this week! – and here’s what I’ve come up with. What have I forgotten?!

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Sun Cream

Yes, it’s boring, but suncream is definitely one of my heatwave essentials. I can burn by just looking at the sun the wrong way! I’ve fallen in love with Ambre Solaire Golden Protect this year, which is easy to apply and features monoi oil that gives your skin a shimmer and makes you look illuminated. I’ve got bottles EVERYWHERE.



There have been plenty of news stories about UV rays this year, and one thing is certain: people drastically underestimate how harmful they can be for your eyes. Most sunglasses now offer enhanced UVA and UVB protection, so you don’t need to spend hundreds. If you do want to splash out, ensure your glasses come with maximum protection, so that they’ll be good for a few years to come. I’ve got some trusty Oakleys that I never leave home without.


Folding Shoes

Folding Shoes Sundresses look amazing with heels, but at the end of the day, you just want to wear something comfortable. That’s why I’ve totally fallen in love with these Coco Rose London shoes – not only do they come in plenty of really cute designs, but each pair comes folded into a handbag-sized bag, and packed into a storage box. I’ve even been sending them to friends! They are by far the comfiest folding shoes that I’ve ever worn, and I’ve had tons of compliments. While these are definitely one of my heatwave essentials, I can see them being in my handbag for seasons to come, too!




It’s really boring, again, but I’ve been trying to increase my water intake to prevent dehydration and bloating, and the easiest way to do it is to carry some water. Keep it cool in your bag by investing in a bottle chiller – there are loads of designs, and they feature cooling panels that will ensure your water is chilled just at the moment you want it the most. Perfect.


Hydrating Mist

Hydrating Mist One of our lovely readers suggested hydrating mists as a great way of staying cool last year, and I’m now a total convert. Not only will a great mist hydrate your skin and make you feel refreshed and cool, but it also helps to set make-up, ensuring you look your best regardless of the temperature. There are loads to choose from, but if you can get your hands on this Living Nature mist, give it a try: the essential oils give it a gorgeous smell.


BB Cream

Yep, another beauty item. It’s far too hot for foundation, which can look heavy and unnatural once it’s started to melt. Don’t worry if your skin needs a boost, though – just opt for a BB cream instead. I’ve found Estee Lauder daywear to be sweat-proof enough for even the hottest days, and a few light layers are enough to look great without that heavy, sticky look. Definitely one everyone should try!



Clothes In the bottom of my bag, I’ve got some swimwear folded neatly, next to a clean t-shirt. The t-shirt comes in real handy if I end up being caught in a water fight or just fancy something clean to slip on, and swimwear is almost essential when the temperature is so high: who doesn’t fancy slipping into a swimming pool at short notice?! If you want to keep your heatwave essentials packed, opt for a plain white vest that will go with anything.


These heatwave essentials have served me well so far! I’ve added a few things, including hayfever meds for when the pollen count is high and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for the SPF 20 lip balm, and I haven’t found myself needing anything else yet. What are your heatwave essentials? I’d love to know what I’m forgetting!

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I souls get some folding shoes i didn't know they existed

Oh... I need a folding shoes!

Nope, she probably meant sun cream! That's what we call it in the UK, rather than sunscreen...

Sun Cream?! Did you mean sunscreen?

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