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8 Helpful Hints in Organizing Your Makeup ...

By Lisa

Whether you keep all of your makeup in a bag or on your vanity, I wanted to share some tips to organize makeup with you. Organizing your makeup will make your makeup routine so much easier, faster and it looks really nice! Get all your beauty products ready so we can streamline your storage solutions! All you need are some easy to follow tops to organize makeup!

1 Sort

The first of these tips to organize makeup is to sort through your products. I bet that you’ll find some old, dried out and maybe even smelly makeup that you need to toss ASAP. Go through your things and throw away old or broken makeup that you can’t salvage, they’re just taking up prime real estate in your makeup storage!

2 Replace

After you’ve starting tossing some of your old things, you might find that you no longer need such a big makeup bag or that your current makeup storage needs to be cleaned or replaced. If that’s the case, the next tip in organizing makeup is to replace your old makeup storage with a new or more appropriate container. This will save room in your purse or your bathroom and your products will be more easily accessible!

3 Switch

Before we go on with more tips to organize makeup, I wanted to mention that in addition to or in lieu of replacing your regular makeup container, you might want to consider switching it out for a different type. For example, I have my fair share of super cute makeup boxes and bags but they’re not so functional and they’re hard to clean. Think about switching out your existing makeup bag for something more practical to make things easier on you!

4 Corral

A good tip to organize makeup is to corral all of the same items or same types of items together. If you’re an eyeliner connoisseur or lip liner lover, gather up all of the same sized products and keep them together. If you have a ton of lip glosses like me, you can also compartmentalize them in their own separate little case or container.

5 Downsize

While you’re organizing makeup, remember that you don’t always have to carry full-size products around. I’ve known some girls who have to carry full-size everything from lotion to hair styling products and it’s literally a pain the neck for them to carry it all! Only tote sample or travel sized products if it’s not a must-have item.

6 Reduce

Part of organizing your makeup is to reduce the number of beauty products that you carry around with you for touch-ups. There’s no need to stash a ton of perfumes, lipsticks, and powders with the thought that they’ll come in handy one day. Chances are, if you rarely use it now, you’re not going to use it in the future either. So instead of filling your makeup bag to the brim, pack only a few key items.

7 Reuse

A great way to save money and repurpose something you love is to use it to store your makeup! This tip to organize makeup can help you to save money by taking something you already own and use it as an eye-catching makeup storage container. Think about using candy dishes, canisters and jars to display and store colorful eye shadows, lip balms and blushes. If you have a lot of palettes, use a napkin holder to prop them all up!

8 Store

My last tip to organize makeup is that you make a place for everything. Regardless of what type of makeup storage you use, make sure you’re not leaving out any products in your organization system. Leaving a few random products out can create clutter and make your otherwise lovely organization look incomplete. Storing everything away also helps keep things readily available and easy to find!

Organizing makeup doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore and these tips to organize makeup can help you find ways to make things even easier! I know we all want our makeup storage to look nice but the key is to make things fast and easy for you. Do you have any makeup organizing tips you want to share?

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