Helpful Tips to Improve Your Walking for a More Toned Figure and Better Posture ...

When you think about getting a more toned body and a better overall posture, things like weight lifting and yoga are usually what first come to mind, but did you know that something as simple as walking can have a really positive impact as well? If you can get your walking game on point, then a more toned figure and better posture are sure to follow. Here are a few tips to improve your walking for better posture and a more toned figure.

1. Your Feet

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You want to make sure that when your foot hits the floor, you are using a full roll of movement with each step, from the heel, through the base, all the way to the tips of your toes. This motion is called having an active foot with an open ankle, and it allows all the muscles in your legs to work better and creates much better alignment in your knees.

2. Your Hips

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You want to be aiming to achieve something called the hip lift. This is a conscious movement that involves lifting your hips and your ribcage away from your pelvis as you walk. This helps to elongate your ab muscles and gets them to twist and turn much more as you move. The more they move, the stronger they get, and this can have a ripple effect to the strength of your back muscles and spinal alignment.

3. Your Head and Shoulders

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Your shoulders should be back and down, and your head should be lifted upwards and looking forwards. The aim is to increase the distance between your shoulders and your ears, which results in lengthening the spine and increasing the muscle movement in that general area.

4. Your Arms

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Try to open up your chest, neck and shoulders as much as you can, sort of walking around with your arms swinging naturally and your torso almost puffed out like you are really proud of something! This puffed, swinging nature help to increase the natural swing and sway of your ab muscles again, which as we have already discussed, tones the body really effectively and benefits you all the way to your spine and back muscle strength.

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