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When our favorite stars step onto the red carpet they always look fabulous (even if we don’t always like their outfit). We also are not so naive to know that there’s probably a whole team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists behind the polished looks. So let’s benefit from those people behind the stars with some of their best red carpet beauty tips:

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Blot Away a Blemish

Even celebs get pimples! Dermatologist to the stars, Frederic Brandt MD, recommends a DIY remedy to bust those blemishes. Make a mix of two parts water and one part apple cider vinegar. Apply to the blemish. The vinegar contains exfoliating acids, wipes out bacteria and lowers the skin’s pH balance.


Banish Puffy Eyes

Skincare professional Kate Somerville advises the use of an eye cream that contains caffeine when your eyes are puffy or showing dark circles. The cream should be applied using two chilled teaspoons, gently massaging it in, moving towards the temples from the inner corners. The caffeine will constrict blood vessels to reduce the bags and the cold metal helps with the depuffing process.


Get a Glow

Want a dewy looking skin without the shine or sparkle that a luminizer gives? Troy Surratt, celebrity makeup artist, says to use a hydrating skin spray over foundation for a supple, dewy look you’ll love.


Give Your Lipstick Staying Power

Even though celebs are more prone to mwahs and air kisses, they still want their lipstick to last the night without touch ups. Here’s another tip from Troy Surratt. He recommends wearing a matching lip stain under your lipstick.


Hair That Shines

Kari Hill is a colorist who works for the celebrity clients of L'Oréal. To get a lustrous shine to your hair, Hill recommends using an at-home clear gloss. You should apply it to dry hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. Then you can shampoo and condition as usual.


Revive Drooping Curls

You second hairs with rollers or curling irons and it’s such a disappointment when your curls start to lose their bounce. Los Angeles hair stylist Jenny Cho knows a way to rejuvenate your curls while you’re out. Curl a wilting strand around your index finger and hold it under the rest room hand dryer for 10-20 seconds. The heat should do the trick and bring your curl back to life.


Volumize Your Lashes

If you want to max out your lashes, here’s a tip from Amy Oresman, a Los Angeles based makeup artist. Apply your mascara as usual but then run a liner brush over your mascara wand. Then apply wand to just the top of your lashes. It gives a dramatic effect because you’ve coated the lashes from every angle.


Remove the Red-Eye

Stars suffer from red-eye from red-eye flights or partying all night long. If you suffer too, take a tip from Kristofer Buckle, a makeup artist based in New York. When he’s preparing a star for the red carpet with red eyes, he lines the rim of the lower lid, along the lash line, with beige eyeliner.

These great tips are surprisingly simple but they obviously work very well because the celebs these people makeup and style positively glow when they strut their stuff on the red carpet. Which do you think will prove most useful to you?

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