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Here Are the 7 Most Common Causes of Saggy Breasts ...

By Neecey

Did you know that breast tissue ages at a faster rate than other parts of the body? Sadly this means that we can look forward to our breasts losing their perkiness as we grow older. Unfortunately, some of us may experience saggy breasts due to factors other than aging and we can also contribute to their downfall (ha ha pun very much intended!) Want to know the most common causes of saggy breasts? Then perk up and read on!

1 It’s All in the Genes

This cause is not as common as you might think but you might simply be destined to have droopy breasts because they grow that way. Breasts really do come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and this means there’s all degrees of perkiness. You can try exercises to strengthen the muscles below the breasts and wearing uplift bras will also help.

2 A Weighty Issue

If you are blessed with big breasts, their sheer weight will fight against gravity but gravity will win. Weighty breasts will always hang lower than smaller ones so it is important to wear a really good bra – this is also important for posture and the health of your back. Breast reduction surgery is an option.

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3 Down in Smoke

Yes – if you puff away on those little old death sticks, you are doing damage to your breasts as well as all the other issues you are creating for your body. One of the effects of nicotine is to reduce the body’s effectiveness to produce collagen. This means skins loses its natural elasticity, skin becomes weaker and therefore ages faster. As I’ve already said that breast tissue ages faster anyway, by smoking, you are compounding the issue and giving more fuel to the fire of breast sagginess.

4 Up down, up down like a Yo-yo

Eating healthy affects all your body, including how proudly your breasts stand. The best eating plan to keep your boobies high is consistent, regular healthy eating and maintaining a steady weight. Crash dieting and yo-yo dieting is a no-no and a surefire route to pappy puppies. When you put weight on, skin stretches and grows to accommodate the extra adipose tissue. Unfortunately it cannot do the reverse so easily; when you lose weight, that extra skin cannot snap back.

Im_Maat has me LOL at "pappy puppies"! Funny lol I just fo...

5 Bad Underwear Choices

It is simply astonishing how many women wear bras that do not fit – statistics put it as high as 80%! A bra’s single purpose is to support your breasts. Your bra should prevent your breasts from bouncing when you move – yes even when just walking. The more your breasts bounce, the more stress they are putting on your breast skin and collagen. You should know your breast size and buy the right size and sorts of bra. Here’s some good pointers Note too, the importance of wearing a sports bra when exercising – especially when running and doing other high impact exercises because some back-and-forth repetitive motions can make your breasts go saggy,

6 Sit up Straight!

Did you ignore your mom and teachers when they told you to sit up straight? Posture is important for many reasons, one being helping keep your breasts perky. Sitting up straight and walking tall with your shoulders back will help your breasts stand up proudly. Here’s some tips on how to achieve good posture

7 Overexposing Your Breasts

As in – giving them too much sun. You might love to wear skimpy and low cut clothes on sunny days – who doesn’t? – but you need to remember that your breasts are just as susceptible to sun damage as the rest of your body. When you put on that skinny tank, you undoubtedly slather your arms and shoulders in sun lotion, but what about your cleavage? That pillowy crevice absorbs the harmful UV rays damaging the skin, causing wrinkles and premature aging. Think this is a good look? Remember that scene with Magda’s breasts in There’s Something about Mary? Enough said! Apply sun lotion liberally to your breasts and cleavage whenever you’re out in the sun.

Are your breasts as perky as you’d like them to be?

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