Here Are 24 Tribal Tattoos That You Have to See to Believe ...

By Eliza

Here Are 24 Tribal Tattoos That You Have to See to Believe ...

Tribal tattoos are fantastic because there are so many versions of them. You can pick a design that means something to you without having to go with an image that everyone else has. Plus, tribal tattoos have a really cool edgy feel that just goes hand in hand with getting inked. Consider your choice because a tattoo is permanent, but have a peek at these ideas to inspire you. You are going to love what you see.

Table of contents:

  1. a simple back tattoo is stunning
  2. a floral feel is feminine and edgy at the same time
  3. over your shoulder and down your arm
  4. impressive tribal hand tattoo
  5. how about a tribal sleeve?
  6. white ink tattoos are trendy and fun
  7. tribal inspired arrow
  8. a tribal sun on your shoulder is easy to show off
  9. polynesian tattoos are unique and breathtaking
  10. a powerful elephant to inspire you every day
  11. a rib tattoo can be covered or showcased
  12. small and simple is always perfect
  13. love the moon
  14. show off your angelic side with tribal wings
  15. a lotus flower for daily inspiration
  16. thinking about a sleeve?
  17. luna and sol tribal in black
  18. hawaiian tribal tattoo around your arm
  19. rise of the phoenix
  20. test our your design with henna first
  21. think about thin lines for an epic look
  22. polynesian shoulder tribal tattoo
  23. let it wrap around your ankle
  24. add a touch of color

1 A Simple Back Tattoo is Stunning

tattoo,arm,pattern,abdomen,design, Source: Netflixplusfoodequalsbae: (Peace, love, empathy.)

2 A Floral Feel is Feminine and Edgy at the Same Time

mehndi,design,pattern,henna,arm, Source: The 30 Best Tattoos In

3 Over Your Shoulder and down Your Arm

tattoo,pattern,design,arm,henna, Source: Tribal shoulder tattoo

4 Impressive Tribal Hand Tattoo

pattern,design,mehndi,henna,finger, Source: 30 Impressive Tribal Tattoo Designs

5 How about a Tribal Sleeve?

tattoo,arm,leg,finger,hand, Source: 30 Impressive Tribal Tattoo Designs

6 White Ink Tattoos Are Trendy and Fun

nose,close up,skin,arm,muscle, Source: 50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

7 Tribal Inspired Arrow

color,pattern,close up,arm,skin, Source: 75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

8 A Tribal Sun on Your Shoulder is Easy to Show off

tattoo,beauty,pattern,skin,arm, Source: 30 Tribal Sun Tattoo Designs

9 Polynesian Tattoos Are Unique and Breathtaking

black,black and white,photography,monochrome photography,tattoo, Source:

10 A Powerful Elephant to Inspire You Every Day

hair,clothing,blond,hairstyle,long hair, Source: 30 Powerful Elephant Tattoo Designs

11 A Rib Tattoo Can Be Covered or Showcased

tattoo,arm,pattern,muscle,thigh, Source: Beautiful Tattoo

12 Small and Simple is Always Perfect

tattoo,arm,leg,pattern,fashion accessory, Source: Community Post: A Closer Look

13 Love the Moon

tattoo,font,calligraphy,arm,pattern, Source: 30 Beautiful Moon Tattoo Designs

14 Show off Your Angelic Side with Tribal Wings

black,black and white,white,tattoo,monochrome photography, Source: 50 Cool Tattoo Ideas

15 A Lotus Flower for Daily Inspiration

nature,tattoo,beauty,skin,arm, Source: 50 Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas

16 Thinking about a Sleeve?

tattoo,black and white,arm,muscle,pattern, Source: 50 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For

17 Luna and Sol Tribal in Black

tattoo,pattern,arm,design,henna, Source: Luna & Sol Tribal

18 Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo around Your Arm

tattoo,arm,thigh,leg,muscle, Source: 25 Lively Tribal Band Tattoos

19 Rise of the Phoenix

tattoo,arm,human body,trunk,chest, Source: 50 Wonderful Phoenix Tattoo Designs

20 Test Our Your Design with Henna First

clothing,pattern,mehndi,design,arm, Source:

21 Think about Thin Lines for an Epic Look

tattoo,arm,organ,human body,art model, Source:

22 Polynesian Shoulder Tribal Tattoo

hair,tattoo,hairstyle,arm,human body, Source: Polynesian Shoulder Tribal Tattoos for

23 Let It Wrap around Your Ankle

black,black and white,pattern,tattoo,mehndi, Source:

24 Add a Touch of Color

Tattoo,tattoo,hair,pattern,arm, Source: Best Tribal Tattoo Designs

Would you ever consider getting a tribal tattoo? I would if I could find the right one for me. Do you see one here that would work for you?

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