Girls Guide to Sexy Legs Using Self Tanner ...


Girls Guide to Sexy Legs Using Self Tanner ...
Girls Guide to Sexy Legs Using Self Tanner ...

Summer is here, which means hot weather, shorts, adorable sundresses and pool-side attire! When you first slide on a pair of shorts after your legs have been in hiding all winter, you might be blindsided by pale skin, cellulite, and other normal skin "flaws" like bumps and bruises. While it's important to be confident in your own skin, sometimes we need a little boost to help! Self-tanner has many benefits for giving you a stellar legs, and listed below is exactly how!

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Find the Perfect Product

swimwear, clothing, muscle, supermodel, model, There are many tanning products out there and it can be hard to know which one is best. Generally, price determines quality, both in color and how long it lasts. That's not always the case though, so find reviews online to choose which product is best for you!



human action, human positions, leisure, sitting, beauty, The first step in the application process is to exfoliate your legs! Exfoliate with a scrub in the shower or bath, then shave and, depending on the brand of tanner, moisturize. If you don't get rid of dead skin the tanner will just sit on that top layer and it won't be even or last very long!


Apply with a Mitt

clothing, human positions, beauty, muscle, long hair, Unless you're using tanning towelettes, you need to use a mit for an even application. Using a mit ensures your tan will be flawless, even and mess-free! It also won't stain your hands!


Apply before Bed

hair, human action, clothing, beauty, girl, It's best to apply your tan before bed because usually you have to wait at least 8 hours to shower so it has time to develop and set in. Especially if your tan has a color guard, you'll want to wash that off the next day to avoid color transfer and a funky color!


Wear Loose Pajamas

hair, clothing, person, photography, pink, Wear loose-fitting pajama bottoms after you've applied your tan. Loose clothing will prevent your new tan from rubbing off against tight clothing, from getting on your bed sheets, and from sweating and possibly ruining your tan during the night!


Shower the Excess off in the Morning

leisure, swimming pool, blue, human positions, vacation, Many self-tanners have a color guard that allows for visible and even application. It can make your tan look unnaturally dark and off in color, however don't be alarmed! Just hop in the shower after a full 8 hours of it being on and the color guard will rinse off, revealing a beautiful tan!



hair, photograph, person, clothing, image, Once your tan is set and you've washed off the excess color, you need to moisturize your skin often. Keeping your skin hydrated will ensure a long-lasting tan and even fade!

The reason I love a fake tan on my legs is because it instantly makes them look more toned and lean. It also covers any skin problems, like my inner thigh stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, all the bruises on my shins, and it minimizes cellulite. Do you ladies love a fake glow as much as I do?!

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