Natural Remedies for Girls Wanting Longer Lashes without the Cost ...


Natural Remedies for Girls Wanting Longer Lashes without the Cost ...
Natural Remedies for Girls Wanting Longer Lashes without the Cost ...

Do you long for the look of long lashes? What woman doesn’t? These are 7 ways you can get the long lashes you’re dreaming of by using natural remedies. There’s no need for chemical treatments when you can achieve great results with these 7 tricks.

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Treat Them Gently

eyebrow, face, cheek, nose, hair, This one simple step makes such a difference in how long and luscious your lashes are. It really is all about how you treat your lashes. The two times when you need to be especially gentle are when you’re applying mascara and when you’re taking it off. Avoid jerking your wand when you’re applying product, coating your lashes carefully instead. When removing mascara, take your time and give your eye makeup remover or cleanser a moment to saturate your lashes before you begin rubbing.


Apply Vaseline to Them at Bedtime

hair, face, eyebrow, black, white, After you take your makeup off at night is a good time for a lash treatment. They’re clean, fresh and will be free of product for hours. A tiny dab of Vaseline on a q-tip can coat them like a conditioning treatment. It makes them soft, strong and less prone to breakage. Another option to use for this purpose is a drop of olive oil.


Eat a Healthy Diet

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, nose, This tip may not be your favorite, but it’s guaranteed to give you results. What you eat is always going to show in your skin, hair, nails and lashes. Basically, what’s good for your hair is going to be good for your lashes, too. Choose good sources of protein such as eggs, fish and nuts. Fruits and vegetables also have a lot of nutritional benefits to offer your lashes.


Try a Biotin Supplement

eyebrow, face, eyelash, cheek, eye, I can personally tell you that a Biotin supplement can make a difference in your hair, nails and lashes because I’ve tried it. Biotin is a natural building block of hair, but you may need the extra boost from a supplement. You’ll notice your hair and nails grow faster and that they’re stronger, along with your lashes when you take Biotin. Check with your doctor before you taken any new vitamin or supplement to be on the safe side.


Give Your Lashes the Day off

eyebrow, face, hair, black hair, nose, This advice is coming from a mascara queen who finds great happiness in daily thick, full lashes. As much as I don’t like to do it either, it’s best to give your lashes an occasional day off. They need a day to rest on occasion just like your hair. Have you ever noticed after a day of not doing your hair that it seems to style beautifully? The same principle can carry over with your lashes. Recovery time matters!


Powder between Coats

face, hair, blue, eyebrow, black hair, This is a little secret that can really extend the length of your lashes. Put the tiniest coat of powder on them in between coats. When you do this, you’re giving your mascara more to grab onto. It seems to extend your lashes forever. You can use your regular loose powder, baby powder or even a lash powder specifically designed for this purpose to get this look.


Discover the Magic of Mixing Mascaras

eyebrow, face, hair, cheek, nose, Ladies, magic happens when you mix two mascaras. I discovered this a few years ago and can’t imagine going back to using just one mascara. Apply your favorite of the two mascaras first and then immediately follow up with the other. I like to choose two different types of mascara, such as a volumizing formula and one that promises a full fanned out look. The results are always sensational!

These are 7 natural ways to get longer lashes. Which ones are you going to try? I love hearing your thoughts!

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Do you not do ANY research when you do these articles? Bad advice all over...

DO NOT PUT OIL IN YOUR LASHES BEFORE SLEEP, the this microorganism all gave un our lashes called demodex mites they thrive in oily environments and if they overgrow they can cause u an ugly infection, look it up if you don't believe me

If it's dangerous to sleep with oil on our lashes, i advice you to remove your eye's make up with olive oil, it's very gentle and benefic for our lashes, plus it removes EVERYTHING

Is Vaseline good

She says to check with your doctor before starting any new vitamin or supplement...

Coconut oil too is good

I agree with Alyx completely and Alyx usually posts very helpful comments.

Also DON'T take biotin without a blood panel done. Taking biotin or any pills without taking a blood test to see if your deficient is incredibly dangerous. If you're on even a semi healthy diet you're most likely getting enough biotin from your food or from a daily multivitamin. As someone who has overdosed on biotin when I was younger, please do not just go out and take pills. Just because they're sold in stores does not mean you should take them without consulting a doctor. Taking any vitamins, especially biotin can lead to very bad side effects that defeat the point of taking them fit nice hair like hair loss, hair dryness, nail weakness, skin issues like permanent breakouts, dehydration etc, not to mention the lethal ones like kidney failure, liver failure, heart palpitations and more.

Is it really worth it to go through all of this for longer eyelashes?! It seems so ridiculous over something so minor. Just use an eyelash curler & a lengthening mascara!

@aida no but they could lose their eyesight. Or have an infection that travels to the brain. Super fun safe stuff hey? This isn't shit to take lightly. They are writers. They should do their research and are giving people BAD UNSAFE advice.

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