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47 Homemade Beauty Products for Top to Toe TLC ...

By Neecey

Are you ready to see just how massive the range of homemade beauty products is? Our friends out there in artisan and craft land just keep getting more creative in the art of bringing us products that mean we can avoid chemical laden store bought lotions and potions. Here's a great selection of homemade beauty products to keep you looking great from top to toe.

1 DIY Natural Shaving Cream

DIY Natural Shaving CreamVia DIY Natural Shaving Cream
Well I did say I was bringing you homemade beauty products for top to toe! This natural alternative nourishes and protects sensitive skin while helping you get a good, close shave. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin,

2 Lush Lip Scrub

Lush Lip ScrubVia The Perfect DIY Lip Scrub
Don't worry if you don't have a Lush store near you. Make your own lip scrub.


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3 All Natural Homemade Liquid Foundation

All Natural Homemade Liquid FoundationVia Flawless DIY Liquid Foundation
Did you know you could make your own foundation?

4 Homemade Body Butter Recipe

Homemade Body Butter RecipeVia Homemade Body Butter Recipe
Make it in a variety flavors - just choose your favorite essential oil.

5 Homemade Zit Zapper Sticks

Homemade Zit Zapper SticksVia
Just two ingredients to zap those pesky zits.

6 Handmade Coffee Bean under Eye Cream

Handmade Coffee Bean under Eye CreamVia Natural DIY Coffee Under Eye ...
Coffee is great for treaty puffiness, dark circles and fine lines,

7 Homemade Pumpkin Mask

Homemade Pumpkin MaskVia Homemade Pumpkin Mask - Primally ...
Full of vitamins to nourish the skin and enzymes to dissolve away dead skin cells, leaving you with a radiant glow.

8 Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body ButterVia Insanely Easy Whipped Body Butter ...
Slather it on and give your skin a treat.

9 Homemade Pore Cleansing Strips

Homemade Pore Cleansing StripsVia DIY Natural Pore Cleansing Strips ...
Leave the Biore strips on the shelf and make your own.

10 Anti-aging and Acne Fighting Facial Wipes

Anti-aging and Acne Fighting Facial WipesVia
Never be guilty of going to bed wearing your makeup again when you can reach for these.

11 Foot Detox Soak

Foot Detox SoakVia Homemade Foot Soak and Detox ...
Your feet need some TLC too.

12 Coconut Toothpaste

Coconut ToothpasteVia 5 DIY homemade organic products ...
If you're going to get into homemade beauty products, you're going to use a lot of coconut.

13 Easy Lip Gloss

Easy Lip GlossVia Easy Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Gloss ...
Just two ingredients is all that it takes.

14 All-natural, Homemade Foundation Powder

All-natural, Homemade Foundation PowderVia Homemade Foundation Powder - Live ...
If you're going to make your own foundation (#3), why not make your own powder too?

15 Ginger Detox Bath Soak

Ginger Detox Bath SoakVia Ginger Detox Bath Soak - ...
Ginger has so many beneficial properties.

16 Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

Homemade Natural Eyebrow FillerVia
Non-toxic and all natural.

17 DIY Natural Lip and Cheek Stain

DIY Natural Lip and Cheek StainVia 4 DIY natural lip and ...
Harness the natural power of red in beets.

18 Lip Balms

Lip BalmsVia DIY: Essential Lip Balm | ...
You saw an easy lip balm earlier with just two ingredients. These are more complicated but are worth the extra effort.

19 Nourishing Homemade Body Wash

Nourishing Homemade Body WashVia Nourishing Homemade Body Wash - ...
So easy to make. No complicated ingredients and no toxic chemicals.

20 The Best Lotion EVER

The Best Lotion EVERVia The Best Lotion EVER!! - ...
Why should the little people have all the benefits of baby lotion?

21 A DIY All-natural Deodorant

A DIY All-natural
Bentonite clay is the special ingredient in this.

22 Mango Coconut Buttercream

Mango Coconut ButtercreamVia Mango Coconut Buttercream Body Frosting ...
You body will repay you for this with radiant, glowing skin.

23 Homemade Olive Oil Night Cream

Homemade Olive Oil Night CreamVia Homemade Olive Oil Night Cream ...
One of the things you are going to love about homemade beauty products is the speed with which they come together.

24 Honey Cinnamon Homemade Facial Mask

Honey Cinnamon Homemade Facial MaskVia Lauryncakes | Utah Style & ...
And the other thing you are going to love is that they save you loads of pennies too.

25 Homemade Bubble Bath

Homemade Bubble BathVia Homemade Bubble Bath -
Make bath time fun.

26 Homemade Stretch Mark Cream

Homemade Stretch Mark CreamVia Let Your Stretch Mark Disappear ...
This might be the miracle cure you're looking for.

27 Homemade Vitamin C Serum

Homemade Vitamin C SerumVia Homemade Vitamin C Serum - ...
Use it is a facial for its elasticity and collagen boosting properties.

28 Copycat Glam Glow Mud Mask

Copycat Glam Glow Mud MaskVia DIY GLAMGLOW FACE MASK!!!!
Can't afford Sephora's detoxifying mask? Make your own!

29 DIY Mango Body Butter

DIY Mango Body ButterVia Homemade Mango Body Butter Recipe ...
This DIY whipped mango citrus body butter is pure's silky, smells divine and is super easy to make.

30 Homemade Mascara

Homemade MascaraVia Homemade Mascara: Lush Lashes, the ...
Mascara without all the chemicals and toxins. You'll be surprised how simple this DIY is.

31 DIY Makeup Remover Pads

DIY Makeup Remover PadsVia DIY Makeup Remover Pads - ...
Did you know it’s actually super easy to make your own makeup remover pads right from home?

32 Natural DIY Brush Cleaner

It's important to keep your brushes clean.

33 Homemade Bath Soak

Homemade Bath SoakVia Bath Soak Tutorial: Make Your ...
A strawberry scented bath is just what you need after a long day.

34 DIY Body Wrap

DIY Body WrapVia DIY Body Wrap – Lose ...
If you are desperately seeking a way of fitting into your favorite dress for a festive occasion, there is no reason to despair.

35 Whipped Green Tea and Coconut Oil Moisturizer

Whipped Green Tea and Coconut Oil MoisturizerVia DIY Beauty: Whipped Green Tea ...
Coconut oil and green tea are two dynamite ingredients for skincare.

36 Green Tea Repairing Face Cream

Green Tea Repairing Face CreamVia Green Tea Repairing Face Cream ...
A special treat for drying and aging skin.

37 DIY All in One Beauty Balm

DIY All in One Beauty BalmVia DIY All in One Beauty ...
Homemade skin and body recipes are just as beneficial for skin as store bought varieties when you make them by using a combination of the right specific beneficial natural ingredients.

38 Homemade Oil Cleansing Face Wash

Homemade Oil Cleansing Face WashVia Homemade Oil Cleansing Method Face ...
Wipe away the grime and grubbiness of the day.

39 DIY Warm Cocoa Bath Soak

DIY Warm Cocoa Bath SoakVia DIY Warm Cocoa Bath Soak
Have a bath that will leave you (and your skin!) feeling incredible.

40 How to Make Solid Perfume

How to Make Solid PerfumeVia How to Make Solid Perfume
Making your own perfume with essential oils or perfume oils is very satisfying.

41 How to Make Your Own Natural Perfume

How to Make Your Own Natural PerfumeVia How to Make Your Own ...
And you can make them in solid or liquid form.

42 Homemade All Natural Face Moisturizer

Homemade All Natural Face MoisturizerVia Clean and Healthy DIY Facial ...
Great for sensitive skin and acne.

43 Fizzy Bath Bombs

Fizzy Bath BombsVia DIY Bath Bomb Recipe {Pear} ...
You'll be surprised how easy they are to make.

44 DIY Charcoal Mask

DIY Charcoal MaskVia
Inspired by Dark Angels by Lush.

45 Natural Blackhead Remover

Natural Blackhead RemoverVia Blackhead Removal Methods - Barefoot ...
Get rid of blackheads using honey, lemon, and sugar and rubbing on problem areas

46 DIY Underarm Lightening

DIY Underarm LighteningVia DIY Underarm Lightening
Simple technique to remove dead skin cells and lighten the skin. Works great on underarms and knees.

47 Tooth Whitening Paste

Tooth Whitening PasteVia
Don't forget your smile is all important in looking good.

With homemade beauty products you can play around with and tweak the recipes to get the right preparation for your needs. Do you make your own beauty products already?

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