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29 Homemade Products to Keep Your Eyes Bright and Beautiful ...

By Neecey

Looking after your eye area is supremely important. As well as making sure you keep your eyes clean and bright, this part of your face is one of the major offenders when it comes to signs of aging. I collected together a whole pile of homemade creams, and serums and lotions for looking after your eyes and eye area.

1 Homemade Eye Cream

Homemade Eye CreamSource:

A silky smooth cream to treat your delicate eye area skin.

2 Natural Makeup Remover

Natural Makeup RemoverSource: D.I.Y. Natural Eye Makeup Remover

You'll find a few different recipes for makeup remover in the list. Try a few to see which you prefer or works best.
This one is based on coconut oil and liquid soap.

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3 Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Homemade Eye Makeup RemoverSource: DIY--Making Your Own Eye Make-Up

Just baby oil and baby shampoo needed for this one.

4 Homemade Organic Eye Makeup Remover

Homemade Organic Eye Makeup RemoverSource: New Nostalgia

All you need for this is olive oil and almond oil.

5 Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash Growth SerumSource: DIY: Eyelash Growth Serum

Try this for eyelashes worth batting.

6 Homemade Natural Firming Eye Cream

Homemade Natural Firming Eye CreamSource: Firming Eye Cream Recipe

They claim this recipe really works. Why not try it for yourself?

7 Microwavable Eye Mask

Microwavable Eye MaskSource: So Soothing: Easy Homemade Eye

Infused with herbs and essential oils, you'll love this for your quiet moments.

8 Homemade Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover PadsSource: Living Savvy: How To... Homemade

If you like your eye makeup remover ready on pads, this recipe is for you.

9 DIY Serum for Puffy Eyes

DIY Serum for Puffy EyesSource: The Best Homemade Solution for

Uses essential oils to reduce puffiness.

10 Homemade Eye Cream

Homemade Eye CreamSource: Homemade Eye Cream – How

A cream that tackles wrinkles and fine lines and helps get rid of dark circles.

11 Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Homemade Eye Makeup RemoverSource: Homemade Eye Makeup Remover with

This recipe contains lavender. Guaranteed to remove stubborn makeup.

12 Eye Makeup Remover and Reusable Pads

Eye Makeup Remover and Reusable PadsSource:

These are reusable pads that you sew.

13 Anti-aging Eye Treatment

Anti-aging Eye TreatmentSource: Rosehip & Honey Anti-Aging Eye

Put two of nature's loveliest ingredients to work on the delicate skin around your eyes.

14 Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaner

Make Your Own Eyeglass CleanerSource: Make Your Own Eyeglass Cleaner

Keeping your glasses clean is not only good for your vision but also prevents transference of minuscule particles between the lenses surfaces and your eyes.

15 Natural Eye Serum

Natural Eye SerumSource: My All-In-One “Miracle” Eye Serum

Super moisturizing without the heaviness/greasiness!

16 Essential Oil Recipe for Dark Circles

Essential Oil Recipe for Dark CirclesSource: The Spoils of Oils

No need to look like a raccoon if you use this.

17 Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel

Homemade Cucumber Eye GelSource: Guest Post: DIY Homemade Cucumber

No need to tell you how good aloe vera and cucumber are for your skin and eyes.

18 Wake-Me-up Coffee Mask for Puffy Eyes

Wake-Me-up Coffee Mask for Puffy EyesSource: DIY Coffee Mask for Puffy

Use this while you're having your morning coffee. Perk yourself up on the inside and out. Coffee is naturally full of antioxidants and caffeine which assist the skin’s ability to heal, restore, firm and tighten.

19 Coffee under Eye Cream

Coffee under Eye CreamSource: Natural DIY Coffee Under Eye

This DIY coffee under eye cream recipe is made using homemade coffee infused oil to help with those dark under eye circles, puffiness and even fine lines.

20 Simple Homemade Eye Cream

Simple Homemade Eye CreamSource: A Simple Homemade Eye Cream

You need coconut oil, vitamin E capsule and lavender essential oil)

21 Vitamin-Rich Homemade Eye Wrinkle Cream

Vitamin-Rich Homemade Eye Wrinkle CreamSource: Vitamin-Rich Eye Wrinkle Cream Recipe

Coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and essential oils combine in this vitamin A- and E-rich homemade eye wrinkle cream recipe.

22 Homemade Eye Cream

Homemade Eye CreamSource: Homemade Eye Cream - Homemade

For strengthening underlying tissue, repairing skin, and evening out skin tone.

23 DIY anti-Puff Eye Roller

DIY anti-Puff Eye RollerSource: Maria Sself Chekmarev: DIY Anti-Puff

Cooling, firming and anti-aging and for treating under eye circles and bags.

24 DIY Puffy Eye Serum

DIY Puffy Eye SerumSource: 2 Ingredient Puffy Eye Serum

Soothe and detox the delicate skin under your eyes with this easy homemade puffy eye serum.

25 Homemade Skin Tightening Gel

Homemade Skin Tightening GelSource: Homemade Skin Tightening Gel for

Got some coffee? Some green tea? some aloe vera? some witch hazel? Then you're all set to make this.

26 DIY Water Proof Eye Makeup Remover

DIY Water Proof Eye Makeup RemoverSource: 22 DIY Cosmetics To Replace

Waterproof eye makeup can be stubborn. You need a good product to remove it.

27 Caffeine Eye Serum

Caffeine Eye SerumSource: Tired Eyes Remedy - New

Here's an easy caffeine eye serum recipe to diminish dark circles and puffy eyes.

28 Coffee-Infused Eye Cream

Coffee-Infused Eye CreamSource: DIY Coffee-Infused Eye Cream

Another coffee based eye product. Try this on your fine lines.

29 DIY anti Wrinkle Eye Stick

DIY anti Wrinkle Eye StickSource: DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick!

Make a pure eye Cream that is organic and natural and easy!! This is a powerful anti-aging eye treatment.

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