Hot New Ways to Make Your Lashes Look Pretty ...


If you're bored of applying your mascara in the same old way every single day, Glamour has some new ideas for you. All of them are taken from recent fashion shows that were meant to show off Spring 2016 style. That means all of these hot new ways to do your lashes will become trendy soon:

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Intentionally Clumpy Mascara

Intentionally Clumpy Mascara Clumpy mascara isn't a fashion faux pas anymore. It can actually look sexy!


Bright Lashes

Bright Lashes Get rid of your black mascara and invest in some bright colors.


Mascara Only on the Outer Edges

Mascara Only on the Outer Edges Now, some women are only applying mascara to the outer edges of their eyes for a cat-like effect.


Drawn on Lashes

Drawn on Lashes If you don't like your lashes, you can just draw on some extra lashes!


Feather Lashes

Feather Lashes You can create this look by cutting your fake lashes apart and applying them haphazardly.

Will you try any of these styles, or do you think they look ridiculous?

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5# Feather lashes is crazyy

3 is the only decent one.

Why would someone do this to their beautiful face and lashes? The only one that works is mascara to the outer edges


Last one looks like they cut spider legs and stuck them on her eyes

1,2 & 3 are nice! 4 & 5 are definitely not for me but I am sure that some other people might be into that type of thing 👌🏼 thank you though, I only thought there was one way to wear my mascara and now I know there's a lot more!

Yuk. Please, no,

1,2 and 3 are acceptable.

No to all of them....


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