7 Hottest Nail Trends for Fall ...


7 Hottest Nail Trends for Fall ...
7 Hottest Nail Trends for Fall ...

Nail Trends are going to change a bit this fall but there’s really no need to get worried as there will be plenty of low-key as well as crazy fashion must-do’s available for you to choose. So, before you make that big decision about changing a manicurist or going shopping for nail polishes to help you keep up with all the latest nail trends, definitely check out all the cool suggestions and palettes experts have decided to “like” this season. And here are 7, latest and greatest nail trends you just have to have in mind:

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After years and years of French manicure and even those difficult times in which poor French was better than no French at all, we’ll finally get to relax and maybe even save a little bit by painting our nails at home. All shades of nude are a must this fall so, instead of wasting money doing those unpopular white lines, declare a nail care season and let those babies rest a bit!



Playing between purple, gray and black but not considering them hot enough to be one of the hottest nail trends, big names such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen decided to give these three colors a swirl! If you really want to make sure that your style is described as “picture perfect” this season opt for eggplant, grayish lilac and smoke!


Metallic Glam

Fashion experts suggest keeping in matte but not necessarily neutral during the day but switching to rich, glittery, metallic shades for the evening. Now this is one of those nail trends you won’t see me doing soon because I’m really not into overly glittery polishes, especially silver which seems to be on the top of this season’s hot list. In case you happen to love this trend, definitely work on your “ombre” technique and make sure you try out a couple of different styles before everyone starts wearing this.


Earthy Greens and Low Key Blues

Keep it dark, keep it highly pigmented and definitely keep it as warmer as you can. From the light, playful shade of grass to emerald and almost swamp-green, the closer you get to painting your nails in the color that actually exists in the nature- the better. Blues will be darker, more greenish too, sort of a dimmed turquoise although royal blue still goes, which is actually good news for me!



Warm, rich, known as the “Cartier color” maroon should find its way onto your nails this fall. In fact, maroon will find its way to you one way or the other because nails are not the only thing designers love in maroon this year.


Gel Nail Polish

If not getting your nails done every month isn’t an option regardless of the latest nail trends, try a relatively new and incredibly popular meet-me-halfway option – A nail polish that is dried in a UV lamp and stays put and perfect for about 15 days! Not bad, huh? This procedure is said to be simpler and less damaging plus you’ll finally get to enjoy one of those popular dark colors without having to worry about chipping.


Magnetic Nail Polish

You should definitely experiment with all the fancy nail polishes you can get to, although crackle polish is a bit… well… old news! The latest and the greatest thing is apparently a nail polish with metal dust that tends to shift creating cool effects that look like they have been airbrushed by the most skilled artist. Moving a special magnet above your nails while this special polish is still wet shouldn’t prove to be extra hard and the ones who have tried it simply can’t hide how much they love this simple but cool DIY nail art technique.

Have fun, experiment and enjoy these new nail trends! Deal? Which one of these nail trends will you embrace?

Top Photo Credit: Idhren

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