18 Hottest Unicorn and Mermaid Makeup Products for All Girls Who Love Beauty Trends ...


18 Hottest Unicorn and Mermaid Makeup Products for All Girls Who Love Beauty Trends ...
18 Hottest Unicorn and Mermaid Makeup Products for All Girls Who Love Beauty Trends ...

This summer is all about Unicorn and Mermaid look, dolls. From hottest Unicorn makeup brushes to gorge shimmery mermaid lip glosses, you'll find your inner Unicorn in these awesome trending makeup products:

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Mermaid Tail Blush Brush

My personal favorite, this tail blush brush is a total must-have for every mermaid out there! Vegan and animal testing free, this gorgeous mermaid brush will give you this summer your hottest cheekbones yet!

Avaliable here


Unicorn and Rainbow Collection - Gift Set of 10 Brushes

Absolutely stunning gift set of 10 unicorn and mermaid brushes will make any beauty obsessed girl go crazy! Body brushes, powder brushes, foundation brushes, blush brushes, countering brushes - she'll have it all. Amazing gift for everyone, it will bring a touch of magic to everyone who believes in Mermaids and Unicorns.

Avaliable here


Rainbow Highlighter from Paris Hilton

Gorgeous rainbow highlighter to add more glow to your summer look. From eyeshadow to highlighter to base for lip gloss, this versatile product made by real unicorns will add extra magic to your beauty routine.

Avaliable here


Smoke & Mirrors Mermaid Lip Gloss Set (5 Lip Glosses)

Turn heads this summer with this gorgeous shimmery out of this world mermaid lip gloss. With 5 gorgeous shades that our mermaids picked, you will have the cutest pout of them all this summer! Do not miss!

Avaliable here


Unicorn Foundation Brush in Pink and Yellow

Gorgeous white unicorn brush with soft yellow and pink bristles for your most magical foundation application yet. Vegan and animal cruelty free, this unicorn brush will bring rainbows and laughter into your life.


Mermaid Powder Brush in Pastel Rainbow

Mermaid powder brush in pastel rainbow will turn your makeup routine into a magical experience. Be sure to post it on your IG and the most amazing things will start happening in your life. Mermaids said so.

Avaliable here Smoke & Mirrors Mermaid Lip Gloss in Purple


True Mermaid Lip Gloss in Deep Purple

My personal favorite - true mermaid lip gloss in deep purple, It will keep your lips soft and sparkly wether you are under the sea or walking among humans.

Price: $5, pre-order (2 items per order, sorry doll, all mermaids need this)


Golden Unicorn Powder Brush

Golden unicorn powder brush is the queen of the season - its out-of-this world soft white bristles will make your powder application a magical process. Vegan and animal cruelty free, it's a must have for every true unicorn with style.


Mermaid Metalic Makeup Bag

Avaliable here


Smoke & Mirrors Mermaid Lip Gloss in TRANSLUCENT Pink


Smoke and Mirrors Lip Gloss in Aqua


Rainbow Powder Brush


Silver Mermaid Nail Polish by Paris Hilton

Avaliable here


White Unicorn Makeup Brush Set (4 Brushes)

Avaliable here


Smoke and Mirrors Mermaid Lip Gloss

Avaliable here


Mermaid Makeup Brush in Soft Pastel


White Unicorn Powder Brush in Aqua

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