Beauty 101 How Long Will Your Products Actually Last?


Beauty 101  How Long  Will Your Products Actually Last?
Beauty 101  How Long  Will Your Products Actually Last?

Can’t remember when you last stocked up on makeup, hair products and skincare items? It might be time to clean things out and start from scratch. Like food, beauty products also have an expiration date and using items beyond it can lead to skin or health issues and expired products are often not as effective as fresher ones. Not sure when it’s time to toss something? Refer to this handy list and you’ll be good to go.

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Your Body Lotion Can Last for a Couple of Years

clothing, human positions, green, photography, beauty, Chances are you’ll use your body lotion way before it has a chance to expire. But if you have a lot of it on hand and won’t use it all up within two or three years, you may have some in your medicine chest that is no good anymore. In general, lotions and potions that come in jars will last about two years. Your lotion that comes in a pump container will be good for up to three years.


Hairspray is Only Good for about Three Years

Hairspray is Only Good for about Three Years I could never make a bottle of hairspray last for three years, but if you don’t use yours very often, you could have something expired in your cosmetics bag. It probably won’t hurt you to use expired hairspray, but it might not provide you with the hold you want. Additionally, expired hairspray may also smell funny so you might want to give it a sniff to see if it’s still good or not.


Your Face Cream Goes Bad after a Year or so

Your Face Cream Goes Bad after a Year or so Facial cream is an important part of your skincare routine, but if you buy a big jar and can’t use it up within a year, you could be doing your skin a huge disservice. Not only can expired face cream deteriorate so it’s not doing its job anymore, but it can also lead to skin irritation. Write the date you open the jar on the lid so you can keep track of when it might be time to restock.


Buy New Sunscreen after about a Year

product, textile, glasses, material, BEAUTY, Sunscreen comes with an expiration date printed right on the bottle or tube. It’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t using expired sunscreen because if it doesn’t block the UV rays like you think it does, you can wind up with a sunburn, which can contribute to skin cancer. If you have a tube of sunscreen from last year, it’s probably a good idea to chuck it and buy a new one.


Skin Serums Should Be Replaced Every Six Months of so

Skin Serums Should Be Replaced Every Six Months of so I love what a skin serum can do for my skin, but, like other skincare products, the ingredients begin to break down with time, reducing their benefits. Fortunately, skin serums come in pretty small containers so using it all within six months is pretty easy to do.


Get a New Loofah Every Couple of Months

Get a New Loofah Every Couple of Months You use your loofah to slough of dead skin and built up products on your skin, so it makes sense that it can get pretty gross with time. Experts suggest swapping your loofah out every two or three months to prevent skin infections and breakouts. You can do that, right?


Never Use Mascara That is More than a Couple Months Old

eyebrow, face, hair, nose, cheek, Using outdated mascara is a sure fire way to wind up with a nasty infection. Mascara can harbor all kinds of bacteria so it’s a good idea to get a new tube every two months or so. Mascara tends to get thick and clumpy by the end of this time anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out when it’s time to restock.


Lipstick and Gloss

hair, human hair color, face, facial expression, blond, Lipsticks last for about 2 years. Glosses only last about a year or so. Once the product has become dry or if it's extra sticky, throw it away. Also, if you're trying lipsticks and glosses on at a makeup store, never apply directly from the tube--instead, have a sales associate disinfect and give you a disposable wand to test.


Nail Polish

nail, finger, nail care, pink, manicure, Nail polish lasts about 1-2 years. Once it's extra goopy or separates into different layers, toss it. To extend the life of your nail polish, buy a polish thinner and mix directly into the bottle.


Concealer and Liquid Foundation

Mac PRO Cosmetics, beauty, product, eye, cosmetics, Foundations and concealers usually have a shelf life of 6-12 months. If the product has separated into layers or if the pigment has lightened, it's time to toss. To extend the life of your concealers and foundations, keep them out of the sunlight, which destroys the preservatives that make your products go bad faster.

What products have you been using for way too long?

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Yeah mascara goes bad easily; I used mascara that was not that old but it stung my eyes if I left it on for the day.

Mascara is definitely one that I've had for a long time

Wow, I didn't know mascara went bad that fast ! Looks like I need to go buy some new makeup. Thanks for the tip!!

I need to change it then I don't use it often so I have mascara a year old😅😬😂

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