How to Be Comfortable with Your Beauty as You Age ...


Do you dread finding your first grey hair or laughter line? Does the thought of getting older freak you out? Since there's no avoiding getting older, you need to deal with the prospect and learn to feel relaxed about it. It's not as bad as you might think; here's how to feel comfortable with your beauty as you age …

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Appreciate What Maturity Brings You

Appreciate What Maturity Brings You There are a lot of good things about getting older. Really, there are! A common pattern I see among my older friends is that we all agree that we feel so much happier and more confident in our 40s. And being happy in your own skin shows - a confident older woman looks every bit as good as a younger one.


Don't Freak out about Every Tiny Sign of Aging

Don't Freak out about Every Tiny Sign of Aging Once you start seeing the little signs of aging in your skin, you can easily become paranoid about it. Stop! Worrying about it won't do any good and could even cause the very lines you're worried about. Relax and smile instead - that will do your skin a lot more good.


Change Your Look

Change Your Look One mistake a lot of women make is to cling to the hairstyle and makeup they wore when they were younger, which makes them look dated and unfashionable. Freshen up your look from time to time, with a more flattering cut or new makeup. The needs of your skin will change as you get older, and so should your look. Don't get stuck in a rut!


Be a Happy Person

Be a Happy Person Ever heard the saying 'You get the face you deserve'? Mean people certainly do, and so do people who worry about getting older. Those who embrace and accept the changes will look much better for it. Your face says a lot about who you are and your attitude to life. Be a happy person, and you will be a beautiful one as well.


Don't Compare Yourself to Others - You're Unique!

Don't Compare Yourself to Others - You're Unique! Women often find it hard to accept that they're getting older as our culture is so youth-oriented. They worry that they don't look as good as other women. But you should stop comparing yourself to others - you're unique. So what if you're not as young as other women? It's not a competition!


Don't Live in Front of Your Mirror

Don't Live in Front of Your Mirror Too many women obsessively scrutinise their appearance for the tiniest signs of aging. Don't spend all your time in front of your mirror, panicking that you appear to be developing a line. If you worry a lot, you'll be frowning - and that is going to give you lines.


Find Role Models

Find Role Models Finding some good role models will reassure you about getting older. There are so many marvelous mature women, both famous and not, who have style, confidence and just don't worry about their age. Make the Advanced Style blog ( your inspiration - it features lots of amazing older women who relish their age.

As someone well into their 40s I can tell you it's not all bad! Sure, you do start to see the signs of aging eventually, but if you look after yourself you can still look good. A healthy lifestyle and conscientious use of sunscreen will help keep your skin youthful as long as possible. And remember - attitude is so important.

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If you're not getting older well then ... You're dead!

GREAT GREAT GREAT! This helped me a lot.

If happiness is the seat to longevity, where do I sit?

I have no problem getting older. If you're not getting older well then......

Keep your face out of then sun ... Wear sunscreen a hat and sunglasses too

Happiness is the seat to longevity in life. Great post! Too much worrying makes you old not just physically but emotionally too and is can be whether you are young or old so chill and enjoy life because after all we only have one life!

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