How to Be Confident and Beautiful ...


How to Be Confident and Beautiful ...
How to Be Confident and Beautiful ...

When we think of beauty we often think in terms of outward looks and appearances but beauty is much more complex than this simple idea. Beauty often is best expressed when we feel confident about ourselves and our place in the world. When we feel confident we shine for all to see. There are many areas of our lives where we can feel confident including in our professional and personal lives. Every action we take can help us build up our confidence

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Feeling Confident Professionally

Many women struggle in a professional context with feelings of imposter syndrome the feeling that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. These feelings can hold you back and keep you from looking beautiful because you do not take care of yourself or you are always working harder than others which means you have unneeded levels of stress. One way to feel more confident is to attend workshops and training such as a virtual sales training which can help you learn how to sell yourself and your ideas to others. Learning simple sales techniques can help you feel more confident about your own abilities and your ability to communicate your accomplishments to others. In addition you may find that finding a mentor, especially another woman in your field, can help you see the bigger picture about your accomplishments and how your feelings compare to others in similar roles. Don’t let imposter syndrome lie to you and make you forget that you got this and are rocking it.


Feeling Confident Mentally

Nationally we are facing a mental health crisis where so many of us are struggling with issues such as anxiety and depression. These can feel like very personal and isolating experiences but it turns out there are many ways we can stay mentally strong and find new ways to shine in our lives. For example reaching out to a professional if you find yourself struggling can help a lot by reminding you that you are not alone in your experiences and provide you with a wider context to what you are feeling and experiencing. Feeling confident mentally and taking care of our mental health directly impacts our beauty because when we are anxious or depressed we often find it harder to find the energy to maintain our beauty routines. When we take care of our mental health we can confidently take on whatever the world puts in our path. If you need support, reach out and take the first step towards feeling your best.


Feeling Confident Personally

In our personal lives it is very easy to end up feeling like we are not keeping up with the Jones and that no matter how well we are doing we are not actually doing well at all. This is especially prevalent in our social media focused world where we always see the highlight reels of those around us. In such a context it can seem impossible to feel confident about our personal lives. In the end the truth is we need to feel self confident if we want to find any level of personal peace. Self confidence can be found through talking to others about our true experiences. Self confidence can be found by connecting to something or some idea that is bigger than ourselves. Self convenience can also be found in simply taking the time we need for self care so we know that our own oxygen mask is on before we try to help others put on their oxygen masks.

Confidence is one thing that is able to make absolutely everyone more beautiful. While it may seem impossible to go to some store and pick up a box of confidence it turns out there are many small actions we can take each and every day which can build us up, and build up our confidence. Where in your life do you need more confidence? After doing a quick inventory of where you feel confident and where you do not you can start to make a plan for moving forward into a more confident, more beautiful future. While being confident may be challenging for many of us women in the end it comes down to the fact that confidence is available to us all.

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