How to Feel Prettier in under 5 Minutes for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Look ...


How to Feel Prettier in under 5 Minutes for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Look ...
How to Feel Prettier in under 5 Minutes for Girls Who Are Not Happy with Their Look ...

There are days you need a little boost, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you’re having a day where you feel unattractive, which is something almost all of us girls have from time to time. You could also be just feeling down in general. It’s helpful to do something that makes you feel pretty when you’re feeling that way. When you feel pretty, it always lifts your spirits.

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Put Lotion on

One thing you can do to feel pretty in a hurry is to put some lotion on. It’s a small thing with a big payoff. Your skin feels nice and smells lovely all day long. Doing this right after a morning shower is a great way to start your day. It’s a special little thing you can do for yourself. This is something that I didn’t always take time for, but I’ve found I love this luxurious little treat!


Apply Lipstick

This is a 30-second mood lifter. If your self esteem is low then applying your favorite lipstick can help to raise it a little bit and maybe even a lot! Adding a pop of color to your face by wearing lipstick makes you feel pretty. There are so many different shades that there’s bound to be one you love. If you’re more of a lip gloss girl then that’s fine, too.


Choose Sexy Underwear

This is a secret way to feel pretty that no one knows but you and maybe your sweetie! When you like what you see in the mirror then you’re going to feel happier. You certainly don’t have to have a perfect figure to enjoy sexy underwear, either. Let’s enjoy being real women with real figures! Wear your favorite bra and panty and you’re sure to feel not only pretty but sexy as well.


Wear Something New

Wearing something new can help you to feel attractive. If you don’t have something new tucked back in your closet, that’s okay. Choose a favorite outfit! I always feel better when I like what I’m wearing. It’s a great confidence booster.


Paint Your Nails

Painting your nails is something you can do to make you feel pretty in 5 minutes. I always feel more put together when my nails are done. It’s that little something extra. If you love the look of manicured hands then this is guaranteed to make you feel pretty. Whether you choose a barely there nude or a deep burgundy, painting your nails is a great way to make yourself feel beautiful.


Spritz on Your Favorite Perfume

When you’re wearing your favorite perfume, you feel better. One way to make this extra special is to not wear the same perfume every day. Save your favorite for special occasions or when you just need something extra to make your day better. It’s nice to know that you’re wearing a lovely fragrance and smell wonderful to everyone around you.


Name 3 Things You Love about Yourself

Ladies, I truly believe we’re too hard on ourselves and I’m including myself in that group. We need to focus on the good in ourselves, both physically and in personality. Sure, none of us is perfect but we all have many wonderful, beautiful traits! Name 3 things you love about yourself and don’t feel a bit bad about doing it. Celebrate the fabulous person you are!

These are 7 ways you can feel pretty in under 5 minutes. How do you make yourself feel pretty? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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Do you have the name of the model? She looks exactly like my cousin

I know that I'm way too hard on myself, I see beautiful models in most of these articles and it makes me feel less than. All of these are wonderful things us women should do for ourselves! Especially the 3 things, she's right lets start appreciating our own bodies/personalities! We are all beautifully and wonderfully made!💕

Wearing something new, i totally agree on this. I guess one of the reasons why girls love shopping, coz you feel pretty and confident when you wear something new that suits you perfectly. Maybe this is why celebs are always look confident and gorg.

@Cynthia that's YouTube beauty guru Carli Bybel

Standing on your head is good for blood flow which is good for memory and it's good for wrinkles. It's like giving yourself a mini facelift. Try it and see

Underwear always makes me feel sooooo awesome

I'm single

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