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How to Get Instagram-Worthy Eyebrows ...

By Holly

You've seen plenty of women rocking Instagram eyebrows, even if you haven't realized it. They're basically when a woman's eyebrows look like they're thick on the ends and thin in the middle. Some people are complaining about this trend, but other people are trying to master it. If you're a fan, here are a few tips for getting Instagram eyebrows:

1 Make Them Appear Ombre

You've seen gorgeous girls with ombre hair, ombre nails, and ombre lips. Well, Instagram eyebrows are basically ombre eyebrows. That's why you need to make them look faint toward the middle (in the area above your nose) and thick and dark at the ends (where they taper off). That means you should only fill them in toward the ends.

2 Trim the Actual Hairs Shorter with Scissors

eyebrow, hair, face, black hair, cheek,Everyone talks about tweezing their eyebrows and filling them in, but do you know anything about trimming them? You'll need a tiny pair of scissors and an eyebrow brush in order to snip the hairs shorter. That way, your brows won't look unruly.


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3 Make Sure That the Front Matches up with Outer Bridge of Your Nose

Like any other set of eyebrows, Instagram eyebrows begin and end in a particular place. One side should be aligned with the outer bridge of your nose. The other side should be diagonal to the outer corner of your eyes. If you have to use a stencil, then use a stencil. You can buy them from a store or print them out online. Or, of course, you could just head to a salon where they do brows for a living.

4 Brush Your Brows up before Tweezing

hair, human hair color, face, blond, person,When tweezing your brows, remember to use your brush to push the hairs up. You should also remember to pluck beneath the brows. You don't want to pluck hairs from the top of your brows. Otherwise, you'll end up taking away too much hair and regretting it.

5 Use a Pencil to Fill in the Outer Corners of Your Brows

face, clothing, nose, beauty, lady,When most people fill in their brows, they make sure that the color looks even everywhere. Of course, when you create Instagram eyebrows, you should make sure that your brows look lighter in the middle. You might even want to skip filling in that side altogether and only focus on darkening the outer corners. It'll give you the look you're trying to achieve.

6 Use a Highlighting Pen beneath Your Brows

eyebrow, hair, face, nose, blue,If you want your brows to look their best, you should use a highlighting pen right underneath them. You can buy one at Sephora or you could buy an even cheaper one from BH Cosmetics. It doesn't matter which you choose, because they'll both create the same illusion.

7 Use the Right Filter before Posting a Picture

hair, eyebrow, face, blond, nose,The women you see with amazing brows on Instagram use filters to their advantage. That's why you should browse through your filter options before you post a picture anywhere. It's not "fake" to alter your photos. It's what everyone's doing nowadays, and if you want your brows to look photogenic, you'll have to pick the right filter.

Some people love Instagram eyebrows and some people are bothered by them. If you fall into the former group, then follow these tips! Do you have Instagram eyebrows?

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