How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes ...


How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes ...
How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes ...

Want to know how to get rid of puffy eyes? Don't we all? Everybody has woken up at least once in their lives, looked into the mirror and groaned at the sudden hand luggage sized bags that have made their way under our eyes virtually overnight.

No amount of makeup will be able to disguise the puffy eyes and before you become totally despondent and think that you may need shoes to match the bags, a few beauty tips could help you get back to the fresh face we all would like to wake up to.

Swollen and puffy eyes are the result of fluid retention in the soft tissue around the eyes. The eye becomes puffy and unsightly. While you may arrive at the office appearing as though you have not had a minute’s sleep, in fact, swollen and puffy eyes are caused by a number of factors, and not just a serious case of exhaustion. Here's how to get rid of puffy eyes.

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Puffy Eyes – What Causes Them?

Swollen eyes that normally appear much worse in the morning is when our body has retained water and fluids in the delicate eye tissue and can be caused by the following influences.
• Allergies – For those that suffer from allergies, especially in the spring and summer time, swollen and puffy eyes are par for the course as your sinuses prepare to pack up, in anticipation of lots of pollen and allergies in the air.
• Stress – Stress is one of the worst things that can have an effect on your body. You may not be able to see everything stress is doing, but by the time you are waking up with puffy eyes, you have a red flag and an indication that is may be time to change gears.
• Fatigue – Yes, we know all healthcare professionals blame fatigue and exhaustion on everything, but with puffy eyes, that is one of the real signs of serious fatigue and normally holds hands with dark circles, but that is another story, and one to be taken seriously.
• Alcohol – Yes well, did you really think all those extra frozen margaritas had somewhere else to go? Over-indulging in addition to having a late night will most definitely show up in the puffy bags under your eyes. Even though you can profess to staying up all night reading, your eyes will tell a different story.
• Dehydration – Alcohol is a bad influence full stop, but if you are not drinking enough fluids then other factors become accelerators. One of the best beauty tips you will ever receive, and we can’t say it enough – drink lots of water every day.
• Diet – Too much salt (the frozen margaritas plus all the salty bar snacks!) in addition to an unbalanced diet, will show immediately in your skin and cause puffy bags under your eyes so cut out as much salt as possible and increase your water intake to help you combat swollen bags under your eyes.


How to Treat Puffy Eyes

If you encounter the odd case of swollen eyes when you wake up in the morning, establish what the cause may have been. Were you crying, do you have allergies, or did you have a really late night?

If so, grab some cold compressors, like cold tea bags, gel eye masks from the fridge or in desperate measures try cucumber slices for a quick fix.

For long-term treatment, look after yourself and your diet, cut back on the booze, the salt and the high-fat products and include plenty of helpings of fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course our favourite beauty tip – drink enough water, which is at least 8 glasses a day.

Use a good eye cream or gel, and if you are suffering from frequent puffy eye episodes, maybe it is time to book that holiday, have a massage and just relax.

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