How to Get Your Legs Summer Ready ...


When the sun finally shines, it’s time to bare some skin. The heat feels so good when you leave off the long sleeves and the trousers and slip into a tank and shorts. But are you ready for your body to be bared and sun-kissed? Are your legs summer ready? Let’s run through a checklist.

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Take Your Time to Ensure a Decent Job!

The first fundamental step to prepare your legs for summer is to take your time and not rush the process. There is nothing worse than shaving or waxing your legs, getting dressed up and then suddenly realizing that you have missed an entire section on your calf or above the knee! Take your time and make sure you have covered every inch that you intended to.


Exfoliate Beforehand for a Better Finish

It is really important to exfoliate and get rid of all of the dead skin cells and oil and dirt that can build up on your legs in between shaves. By exfoliating before you start, you will have a much smoother and effective shaving experience than if you hadn’t. Two good ways for exfoliating are to create your own scrub, or even just dry brushing.


Avoid Using Soap if You’ve Run out of Shaving Cream

You should really try to avoid using soap as a shaving lubricant, even if you have run out of cream. The slippery residue and bubbles created by a bar of traditional soap do not allow for the razor to glide smoothly over the skin, and rather than moisturize, the soap will work to dry out your skin very quickly. If you are really desperate, opt to use a small amount of hair conditioner rather than soap.


Always Use a Sharp Razor

A clean, sharp blade is vital to achieving the very best shaving results. Whilst some off-brand razors may be cheaper, it is really worth paying that little bit extra for quality. A smooth, sharp blade will help you to avoid bumps, razor burns and pesky ingrown hairs. It is recommended that you use a new razor every third or fourth shave, and you can wipe olive oil over the blades between showers to help prevent rust.


Avoid ‘Strawberry Legs’ by Paying Attention to Your Pores

The term strawberry legs refers to the annoying look when your freshly shaved legs look they have darker colored spots where your pores are. This happens when dirt has become lodged in the pores or there are ingrown hairs. Strawberry legs can be avoided by soaking your legs in warm water for roughly five minutes before you start to shave, as this opens up the pores and will help to remove any dirt that is present. After shaving, rinse your legs with cold water to close the pores back up quickly.


Use a Pre-Shave Oil to Lubricate

There are plenty of pre-shave oils available on the market, as well as numerous recipes on the Internet for concocting your very own batch. Using a pre-shave oil to lubricate your skin before beginning with a razor is a sure fire way to avoid nasty scratches and razor burns. Apply a small amount to the desired area and let it absorb for a minute before you begin shaving.


Worried about Cellulite? There Are Ways to Reduce It

First of all, what needs to be remembered is that every single one of us has a little bit here or there that we are apprehensive about showing to the world! But hey, it’s summer and you should embrace your body for what it is - a wonderful thing. If cellulite really does get you down, you can try a mixture of different essential oils that will moisturize and help to get the blood circulating in your specific problem areas. It’s not a miracle cure, but you may just notice a positive difference.

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omg I have strawberry legs. i didn't know that was a thing!

Great post. Thankyou Neecey

Great post

This article is Godsend ..... Thank you so much Neecey!

Yep, even though I don't follow all of those rulesI just need a tan!! 99% of the time I use my soap when shaving (Dove), and I change my blade every 2 weeks.

Thanks! Need to get my legs looking nice for the rest of the summer;)

Great tips, thank you :-)

Great tips thank you :)

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