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How to Hack Your Eyebrow Shape ...

By Carly

If there is one thing that has the power to cause havoc on a woman’s face, it is her eyebrows! In a perfect world, we would all be born with structured, immaculate, heavenly shaped brows, but we all know that this just isn’t the case! Not to mention the fact that eyebrow trends go in and out faster than you can pluck, wax, or pencil! Don’t worry, though, I am here to help. Here is how to hack your eyebrow shape.

1 High Tails

If you like your brows to have their tails higher than their tips in an ‘up and up’ fashion, then it is all about following the natural rise of the brow and then trimming down the area that typically turns downward. It is easiest to achieve this type of look when you get the ends of your brows shaved or waxed off, giving you much better control of the important tip with the help of a pencil.

2 Arched

If you still favour the classic arched brow look, then your tip needs to much more scaled down than the above mentioned high tail style. Rather than drawing the end of your brow in an upward slant, you need to instead round it out to create an downward curve. This will give the rest of your brow a much more arched illusion. It doesn’t have to have anything to with plucking the middle section in a particular way!

3 Straight

Perhaps you prefer to just rock a strong, bold, straight brow style? If you are blessed with naturally thick eyebrows then this is always a good option. All you really need to do is make sure to pluck away any out of line stragglers, along with applying some coloured eyebrow gel to really give your brows a pop. Straight brows are without a doubt the easiest to maintain!

4 Pretty Boy

When I’m talking about pretty boy brows, I’m talking about those thicker, slightly more masculine style brows that the likes of Cara Delevingne have made super fashionable. It’s more about being brave in your growing with these babies. Let your brows get big, and only worry about stragglers that grow completely out of direction. The key to making the look really pop is filling them in with a good pomade hue that matches your natural shade.

5 Structured Brow

These are a cousin of the arched brow, but the finished look feels way more precise and sharp. It takes a lot of painstaking waxing or plucking to achieve the perfect angular shape for your face, and the key is to always brush these brows up towards the sky rather than across towards each ear. A thin covering of cream concealer around the brow to blend and define the shape of the arch is also a really helpful and effective tip.

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