A Girl's Guide to Looking Her Best in Any and All Photographs ...


A Girl's Guide to Looking Her Best  in Any and All Photographs ...
A Girl's Guide to Looking Her Best  in Any and All Photographs ...

You don't have to lose weight in order to look your best in pictures. All you have to do is figure out how to use your clothing, your poses, and your camera to your advantage. That way, you'll look sexy and slim without having to head to the gym. Not sure how to pull that off? Here are a few different ways to look slimmer in photographs:

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Wear Black

Wear Black Everyone knows that black is a slimming color. That's why it's the best thing to wear before snapping photos. However, if you hate wearing dark colors, then you should at least dress in clothing that flatters your body shape. You don't want it to be loose and baggy, because that could make you look frumpy.


Avoid Shooting at Low Angles

Avoid Shooting at Low Angles There's a reason why so many girls take selfies with their hands high in the air. It's because low angles tend to be less flattering. If you place your camera below your chin, then the photo won't come out well. That's why it's best to hold your camera at a high angle. When it's looking down at you, you'll look slimmer.


Place Your Hand on Your Hips

Place Your Hand on Your Hips You don't want to keep your arms pressed against your body. If you do, then it'll create the illusion that your stomach and chest are wider than they actually are. That's why you should place your hands on your hips, so that they're away from the center of your body. It's a fast and easy way to look a little slimmer.


Watch Your Posture

Watch Your Posture Your posture is incredibly important when it comes to taking pictures. You want to keep your shoulders back and your chin up. If you keep your chin down, then you could end up looking like you have a double chin. You wouldn't want that, especially since the snapshot could remain on your friend's Facebook wall for centuries.


Stand in the Center of Your Friends

Stand in the Center of Your Friends If you're about to take a group photo with a bunch of your friends, you don't want to stand at the end. If you do, then it could make your body appear wider. It's best for you to stand in the center of your friends, so that there is a person on each side of you.


Twist Your Body to the Side

Twist Your Body to the Side If you take a photo from the front, you're bound to look wider. If you take it from the side, you're bound to look slimmer. That's why you should twist your body a bit in order to take photos of your side profile.


Use an Instagram Filter

Use an Instagram Filter You've probably used this final trick in the past. Instagram makes it easy for you to add filters to your photos, so you might as well take a look to see which one makes you look the best. Some of them will make your skin look clearer, your hair look brighter, and your body look slimmer. Everyone uses filters, so you shouldn't feel guilty about adding them to your own photos.

You've probably heard that the camera adds ten pounds. However, with these tricks, you'll actually end up looking slimmer on camera. What other tricks have you used to look slimmer in photographs?

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I don't have a problem with looking slim in pictures it's that when people take off guard pics or regular pics I look bad

nice looking

Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the tips.

Hahaha I love that they used a GIF of Dan for number 4!

Yes your right

Wearing dark colours always help in looking slim.

My future husband in his browsing possition 😍

Wearing black is a myth. It's wearing the correct SIZE that matters.

Exactly, annie... Why "try things" to look slimmer? Get your butts on the treadmill and start eating healthier.

I think you guys are totally right, but some girls are built a little thicker or thinner. I think a lot of thicker girls may want to look skinnier/slimmer so these tips would help them feel better about themselves.

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