Girls' Guide to Get a Sexy Body This Spring ...

By Jennifer

Girls' Guide to Get a Sexy Body This Spring ...

Sure, there's six inches of snow on the ground right now, but in just a couple of weeks, it'll be spring. Why not put off spring cleaning your house, and focus on getting your body ready for the warmer weather? Priorities, right?

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human positions, sitting, clothing, leg, furniture, There's totes nothing wrong with keeping your body hair, if that's what you prefer. But while I've let my leg hair grow this winter, it's time for me to shave, and that's going to take some time and probably at least two fresh blades.


Don't Forget Your Bikini Line

clothing, image, swimwear, beauty, sun tanning, If you'll be vacationing somewhere tropical this Spring Break, you might want to also consider cleaning up your bikini line. Shave, wax, tweeze - whatever works best for you.



hair, clothing, black hair, blond, hairstyle, My knees and elbows (and legs, and arms, and hands, and face) have all suffered terribly in the harsh winter air, so it's time to exfoliate, sloughing off the dry, itchy skin and showing off the soft skin that's been hiding since November.


Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer

clothing, person, black hair, undergarment, active undergarment, Once winter's over, it's time to retire your ultra-super-heavy duty moisturizers and bust out the lightweight one you use in spring and summer.


Switch Your Scent

hair, clothing, black hair, undergarment, hairstyle, Spring is also the perfect time to switch to a lighter, fruitier, or more floral perfume. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy or DKNY Be Delicious - both smell divine and are ideal for spring.

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Lighten Your Hair

hair, clothing, woman, dress, blond, If you've stopped highlighting your hair and went dark for fall and winter, it's time to start adding some subtle highlights again. You might also want to think about adding some fun pastel or bright colors to your spring and summer tresses.


Add Fresh Fruits and Veggies

room, window, interior design, meal, window covering, You CAN eat tomatoes in winter, but they're tasteless and bland and generally icky, so why would you want to? Now that spring is here, fresh fruits and veggies will be hitting the farmers' market - asparagus is the first harbinger of spring - and your body will be so happy!


Start Outdoor Exercise Again

human action, photograph, clothing, person, image, Most of us ditch our outdoor exercise programs in winter, but now it's time to lace up your trainers and head back outside. Run, play softball, whatever it is you like to do outside. Do it!



finger, nail, close up, hand, skin, Another marvelous way to prep your body for spring is to take off those woolen socks, wiggle your toes (freedom!), and schedule a spa mani/pedi. Choose a light, bright color and get those toes ready for flip-flops.

I don't have the words to describe how thrilled I am it's almost spring, and I can't wait to welcome the season with a new outlook and a healthier, sexier bod. How do you prep your body for spring?

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these are awesome tips!

Yes yes the great outdoors best thing you can do and consume nutritious foods!

This is getting me so excited for spring and summer

It's funny how happy everyone gets for warm weather!! I love the spring... :)