Incredible Tips for Girls Who Want to Extend Their Summer Tan Well into Fall ...

By Alison

Incredible Tips for Girls Who Want to Extend Their Summer Tan Well into Fall ...

If you want a golden tan, faking it is the best and safest way to get that look. But it's so annoying when your tan quickly fades! Nobody wants to be slapping on fake tan every other day and waiting for it to dry. So what can you do to make it last as long as possible? Here's how …

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1 Defuzz in Advance - but Not Just before

Whatever method you use for getting rid of body hair, it's best to defuzz a while in advance of applying your fake tan. If you shave or wax just before applying the tan, the color may fade more quickly.

2 Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is a key step in keeping your tan as long as possible. It's important because if you don't exfoliate you'll be leaving the dead skin cells in place - and as they flake off, your tan goes with it. You'll get a better, more durable tan if you get rid of that dead skin. But use an exfoliator without oil, so that your tan won't streak.

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3 Stay Away from Pools

In summer you probably fancy going to the pool more often, whether it's to swim or just show off your tan! But oops - that chlorine is not going to help your tan. If you stay in the pool for too long, you'll leave your tan behind with the chlorine. So stick to quick dips and pat yourself dry as soon as you get out. Hot tubs will have the same effect too.

4 Top up Your Tan

You can also extend the life of your fake tan by topping it up. There are lots of products designed to help it stay on longer and enhance the look of fake tan. Gradual tanning moisturisers work by slowly building up the color, so they're a good choice if you don't like a strong color. You can also try instant color body sprays.

5 Drying off

When you're drying yourself off after a bath or shower, you may be a bit rough with the towel in order to dry yourself quickly. But that's not very tan-friendly, as you'll rub your tan away. So be gentle with the towel and pat yourself dry rather than rubbing. This will help your tan stay put for longer.

6 Wear Loose Clothing

You can even help your tan stay on longer by picking the right clothing. Ditch tight clothes like jeans, which will rub your skin and take your tan off (and probably in streaks!) in favor of loose tops and skirts. These are much more tan-friendly, as they won't keep rubbing against your skin.

7 Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Finally, finish your tan-preservation routine by moisturising regularly. Having got rid of the dead, dry skin you now want to avoid as much as possible getting any more dry skin. Giving your skin plenty of moisture will help ensure that less of it flakes off, and your tan stays in place. But do avoid thick moisturisers like body butters.

Phew! That does sound like a lot of effort! But if you love the tanned look, fake tan is much better for your skin - and it's worth making the effort to maintain it as long as possible. If you go out in the sun, do remember to use a high SPF cream though.

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