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How to Prep Your Bikini Area before Beach Season Starts ...

By Holly

You've found the perfect bathing suit, but you want to look your best in it. That's why you need to make sure that your bikini area is properly cared for. If it's not, then you could end up a bit embarrassed when you're sitting poolside. If you're unsure about how to tame your hair down there, here are a few different ways to prep your bikini area before beach season starts:

1 Trim

It doesn't matter if you're going to shave or wax, because the first thing you need to do is trim your hair. There are small grooming scissors that you can buy, so that you don't end up cutting yourself. You want to get your hair down to about 1/4 of an inch, so that it's easier for you to remove it when you get to the next step.

2 Shave

If you choose to shave, make sure that you take a shower first in order to soften the hair. You never ever want to shave dry, unless you don't mind bumps and cuts. Once your skin is soft enough, apply enough shaving gel to cover the area and make slow strokes along the direction of hair growth. You're going to have to bend and lift your legs in order to get certain areas, so try your best to be flexible.

3 Wax

If you don't want to shave, you can get a wax instead. While it's much easier to go to the salon and have a professional do it, it can be embarrassing and expensive, which is why you can buy a kit to use at home. When you do, just make sure to test out a small area first to make sure you're not allergic to the product.

4 Laser Hair Removal

If you have the money for laser hair removal, by all means, go for it. Just make sure that you do your research, because you don't want to go to a place that isn't rated highly. If you're going to go for any type of surgery, don't skimp and only settle for the best.

5 Hair Removal Cream

There are hair removal creams that you can rub on your skin, leave for a few minutes, and then rub off. While they usually don't have the best scents, this method might work for you if you're terrified of pain. Of course, just like you'd do when you're waxing, make sure to only test out a small spot at first to see if you're allergic to the product.

6 Alternatives

If you're not comfortable getting rid of your hair down there, there are plenty of bathing suits that have skirts attached. If you wear one of those, you won't have to worry about anyone seeing your bikini line. Not everyone has to wear teeny bikinis, you know.

7 Lotion

If you choose to remove your hair, make sure that you apply an unscented, moisturizing lotion on it afterward. There are also razor bump creams that you can buy in order to get rid of irritation and bumps on your skin.

Your skin is sensitive down there, so make sure that you aren't too harsh with yourself. Of course, you should be scared either, because it won't take long to get used to removing your hair. Do you have any tips for getting rid of hair from your bikini area?

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