How to Refresh Your Skin and Hair after a Dip in the Pool ...

By Eliza

How to Refresh Your Skin and Hair after a Dip in the Pool ...

Taking a swim is one of the best parts of summer. Soaking in the cool water gives you a chance to relax and take a break from the heat of the day. Despite all its perks, swimming can also do a number on your skin and hair. What’s a girl to do? Taking steps to refresh both your body and your hair let you enjoy your swim without having to worry that your skin and hair will suffer when you get out. Here’s what you need to do each and every time you finish in the water.

Table of contents:

  1. rinse off right away, even if you aren’t ready for the shower
  2. apply a hair protecting product before you even get in
  3. use a shampoo that is meant for chlorine in your hair
  4. apply a good moisturizer all over your body before getting dressed
  5. don’t sit around in your swimsuit for hours
  6. get wet before you get in the pool
  7. do a vitamin c rinse after your swim

1 Rinse off Right Away, Even if You Aren’t Ready for the Shower

Much of the reason why your hair and skin suffers after swimming is because of the chlorine and other chemicals that are in the pool water. When you emerge from the pool, the best thing you can do for your entire body is to rinse off with fresh, clean water. This helps remove most of the chemicals so that your hair and skin won’t suffer as badly. You don’t have to shower completely if you aren’t ready, but you should definitely rinse off.

2 Apply a Hair Protecting Product before You Even Get in

A hair mask helps keep the chlorine and chemicals from penetrating your locks. It only takes a couple of seconds to massage the mask into your hair and you’ll be so glad you took the time to protect it. There are many options to choose from so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

3 Use a Shampoo That is Meant for Chlorine in Your Hair

There are several shampoos that are designed to help prevent chlorine damage to your strands. Use one of them after your dip in the pool and you might prevent all the icky side effects of chlorine from ruining your life. And yes, that includes the green tinge that some ladies experience when they spend a lot of time in the pool.

4 Apply a Good Moisturizer All over Your Body before Getting Dressed

Once you’ve rinsed, it’s time to apply a good quality moisturizer to your entire body. This will help restore moisture to your skin and help prevent the dryness and tightness that many women report after a swim in the pool. Choose a lotion that is meant for your skin type and that is designed for extra dry skin. That way you know the product will do its best for you.

5 Don’t Sit around in Your Swimsuit for Hours

It might be tempting to lay there in your wet suit for hours while you sip cocktails or hang out with friends. The truth is that this is horrible for your skin. Because your suit is so snug, and it’s full of pool chemicals, it only serves to cause irritation and chafing anywhere it touches. If you’re done in the pool, change into your clothes or a dry swimsuit to protect your skin.

6 Get Wet before You Get in the Pool

OK, so technically you do this before you hop in the pool, but the benefits will be there when you get out. Getting wet before you dive in limits the amount of pool water that your skin and hair can absorb since both are already saturated. Easy enough, right?

7 Do a Vitamin C Rinse after Your Swim

For people especially prone to chlorine and pool water sensitivities, a simple rinse might not be enough. Professional swimmers often do a vitamin C rinse, which helps neutralize the chlorine damage to both skin and hair, helping to prevent it while also getting rid of the smell. Look for these products in sporting good stores and use immediately after a swim.

How often do you swim in the summertime? What other things can we do to protect our hair and skin?

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