Stop πŸ›‘ Counting Candles πŸ•― on Your Birthday Cake πŸŽ‚ : Age is Just a Number πŸ”’ ...

There are so many iconic women who prove that age is just a number.

Did you see Jane Fonda sporting a long pony tail and back shoulder jewellery at the Emmys? She is 79. But boy, she was way awesome. She oozed confidence from every angle possible. Fonda truly rocked it, nailed it and owned it. Chic, suave, smart and everything else, Fonda just reiterated, β€˜age is just a number’.

We have all read about how she suffered from poor self-image and lack of self confidence earlier in her life. But one look at her on the red carpet, did it even cross our minds that Fonda faced challenges? No. We were too busy admiring her.

How did that happen? Because Fonda decided to take charge of her life and let go of the unwanted.

88 year old Baddie Winkle is a social influencer and an Instagram celebrity. Have you seen her? Winkle has the β€˜chutzpah’ to literally laugh at the world that says only sleek, slim, alabaster skin owning young ladies can be models. Winkle was named Urban Decay’s muse of the month in December 2016, proving once again that there are loads of iconic women who prove that age is just a number.

Her current number of followers on Instagram reads as 3.2 million. She has been rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the red carpet and Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani and others are following her on Instagram. And how did she achieve all this? Just by being Baddie, by being herself. She's not afraid to show her age and is fearless and with an β€˜I don't give a damn’ attitude, followed by a passion to live life on her own terms.

Good things happen in life. And bad experiences happen to us too. But how we try and create a balance and not get carried away by life’s ups and downs is what will make us strong.

Strength helps us to become steady, and in life one has to try to be firm and stable.

Age should be considered just a number because you keep adding experiences as you keep travelling the path of life. Experiences lead to wisdom and wisdom teaches us to sort the good from the bad and keep generating more experiences.

Life becomes beautiful when you let go of the unwanted. It becomes easier to move freely, inhale the fresh air, and stop to smell the roses!

That is when you get to dance freely, live a little, fall again perhaps, get up, relearn your steps and dance again.

Baddie did that. She lost her husband and her son. Baddie says she got tired of grieving and reinvented herself. Look what she ended up creating. A Baddie brand at 88.

Martha Stewart is 76 and is unstoppable. Thirteen years ago she was incarcerated. Recently she spoke to Katie Couric about the awful time she had in prison. And Martha told Katie how she won’t let the experience define her.

Strength is beautiful at any age. It could be mental, physical or emotional.

Remember the saying, self-help is the best form of help. Try helping yourself, and you will find people coming over to lend a helping hand.

What about birthdays that come every year to remind us about our age and aging?

The idea is to enjoy your birthdays by reflecting on the year gone by. And what you could have done better with your life. Rather than brooding about hitting the big 30 or the extra big 50, think about everything wonderful those years have brought you.

The worst thing to do is to look at decade old photographs and cry about your lost youth, beauty, looks and gaining wrinkles, cellulite, love handles. That was you, but not anymore. Think what you can do with who you are today, and at this moment.

Learn to embrace the changes, accept yourself wholeheartedly.

Don’t be afraid to start all over again. Life gifts us with a brand new day every day. And we are all allowed to fail, but not allowed to ever give up on ourselves.

Age really does not matter. Experiences matter and the take-away from the experiences lived is what matters.

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