7 Illuminating Face and Makeup Commandments from the Beauty Bible ...


7 Illuminating Face and Makeup Commandments from the Beauty Bible ...
7 Illuminating Face and Makeup Commandments from the Beauty Bible ...

I’ve currently been engrossed in this amazing beauty book I found at my library and I just had to share with you its makeup commandments. They are need-to-know when applying makeup and doing it correctly. I learned some great tips from it, and I hope they work out for you too. Continue reading to learn more about these makeup commandments I can’t stop obsessing over.

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Always Dab on Moisturizer or Primer before Foundation

Most important of the makeup commandments is where you actually start applying your makeup. There are actually makeup artists who believe it’s unorthodox to spread on foundation directly on to bare skin. These artists believe that makeup primer helps to create an extraordinarily smooth surface. Now if you don’t want to add on a new products and an extra step, try just massaging moisturizer onto clean skin. Your makeup will then appear to just melt right into your face rather than lay weirdly on top of it.


Don’t Test Foundation on Your Hand, Test with the Jawline to Find the Perfect Match

It is a beauty myth to believe that you should always test foundation of the back of your hand. The truth is that your hands are usually darker than your face because your hands have been exposed to more UV light and much less exfoliation. Make sense doesn’t it? It’s a better idea to draw stripes of foundation on you jawline, and then study them in natural light.


Invest in Good Quality Brushes

The following is a list of brushes you only need to trust for a great makeup turnout: 2 flat, synthetic brushes for concealer, 2 dome-tipped, natural-bristle eye-shadow brushes, a 1.5’ natural-bristle blush brush, and an oversize natural-bristle brush for loose powder.


Don’t Be Afraid to Apply Color with Your Fingers

The rule for using your fingers is as follows: if the area is larger than your fingertip, go onward and use it. If it’s smaller, pick up a brush. Anything you have that comes in a gel or cream form is basically begging to be tapped on with your fingers. The heat in your fingers is like the best blending tool for areas such as your eyes.


Blush Should Go on the Apples of the Cheeks, Not in the Hollows

There is absolutely no reason why you should be making that fish face when applying blush! Swirl blush only on the apples of your cheeks. If you don’t know where they are, smile and you’ll see them. Blend just lightly up and out toward your temples. You should be thinking circles, not stripes. If you’re looking for a natural look, start with a tiny dab of blush, and then build slowly to increase the intensity.


Highlighter Can Accentuate Your Bone Structure, but Use It Sparingly

Highlighters are for accentuating and creating a contour in a flattering way. A little can go a long away so pat or brush the highlighter directly on the tops of the cheekbones, over or under blush, and along the brow bones.


A Little Translucent Loose Powder Goes a Long Way

Powder is not about color but really about texture. Don’t choose a shade that matches or enhances the color of your skin, choose a truly translucent formula. This means choosing a powder with as little pigment as possible. After dipping your large fluffy brush into the powder, give it a strong tap against the side of the pot, and then apply it just to your T-zone. This will help control shine.

So this is all that I learned on face and makeup from Allure’s Confessions of a Beauty Editor by Linda Wells. It honestly taught me new things or corrected my old ways of applying makeup. Did you like the commandments? Were they as illuminating as promised or did you already know pretty much everything?

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