7 Important Things You Should Know about Permanent Makeup ...


7 Important Things You Should Know about Permanent Makeup ...
7 Important Things You Should Know about Permanent Makeup ...

Before you decide to take the plunge one of the latest types of cosmetic surgery, there are some important things you should know about permanent makeup. If you haven’t heard of permanent makeup, then let me give you a little briefing. Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic surgery, where patients are basically given color cosmetic tattoos, in the areas where you would apply makeup. The idea is that you can go anywhere and do anything, and still have an illusion of makeup, so you never need to worry about washing it off, or having to apply any. I have an issue with this, since it implies we are supposed to look perfect all the time, which is obviously not the case. Yet, if you’re one of many who are considering turning to surgery to get ruby red lips or sexy cat eyes forever, read these things you should know about permanent makeup first.

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It Can Go Wrong

One of the first things you should know about permanent makeup is that it can go very wrong. In fact, Dr. Zwerling from NC, who works with the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), says he rarely ever sees it come out perfect like clients hope for. Instead, he says he usually sees problems. Most patients end up having something corrected, or aren’t as happy with results as they hoped.


Possible Damage

In fact, many times, if a patient doesn’t react well to the surgery or dyes, it can end up scarring the skin tissue, or altering other facial features. This means major reconstructive face surgery would need to occur to correct the problem, which would not only be expensive, but painful.


Eyeliner is the Most Coveted

Eyeliner is the most popular type of permanent makeup procedure of all types, with lipstick and eyebrow coloring being next. While I can understand this since I adore eyeliner, take into account that a needle would be probing at an incredibly fast pace near your eye, which could end up damaging the area around it, or could cause irritation. It could also go very wrong, resulting in damage.


It Can Look Fake

I don’t like the idea of getting color permanently plastered on my face like a Barbie doll, yet, for some people who use the procedure to cover up scarring or embarrassing facial coloring, I can understand the appeal. Just know before you go under the needle that the color applied can look fake, and not like what you would put on with your typical cosmetic makeup. Our skin contains natural color pigments, and the color applied could react with your own pigmentation to cause a less than natural effect.



One of the largest complaints regarding permanent makeup has to do with minor and major infections. Dr. Zwerling from NC says that he knows of 10 cases in Canada this past year which had reports of Hepatitis C and AIDS that resulted from permanent makeup procedures. The dyes can also cause serious allergic reactions that lead to inflammation, swelling and inflamed tissue under the skin, which can be painful.


Be Choosy

If you’re still willing to undergo this surgery, be smart about it. Be sure you choose a salon and surgeon that has a business license, and national certification. Ask for proof and also ask to see the needles used, to make sure cleanings are done properly. Ask around about their business, and look them up online under the Better Business Bureau’s website to see any negative or positive reports. Also look to see that the business has been regularly inspected by a national board of health.


It Isn’t Always Permanent

Chances are, in 20 years, you could have to have the procedure completed again. Remember, this is just like a tattoo, so coloring can wear off. The procedure itself can be pricey, along with touch-ups later. Most insurance companies don’t cover costs for the procedure, much less for corrections, touch-ups or reconstructive surgeries.

I understand that some people may have embarrassing discoloration that would make them want to choose permanent makeup as an option, but if you’re not using it for this reason, please do be aware of the risks. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather put my own makeup on everyday. At least I get to change up my colors and styles, plus I actually like my naked skin the way it is, especially right after a nice clean wash! What about you? Would you ever resort to permanent makeup?

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Mirror now I love the fact I can wake up and they are there without no need for penciling them in, I would advise you go to a reputable person who is fully qualified if it comes out wrong it's permanent, it cost me £300 and it was money well spent depending on my skin tone i will probably go make in a couple of years for a touch up but that will only set me back half the price

Not a good idea to do eye makeup.. The styles change year to year and chances are if you apply eyeshadow on top of your eyeliner you will have to apply eyeliner anyways !

I've seen a lot of permanent make up on friends etc.. If its done minimally to have subtle results, it looks great! Don't go tattooing some bright blue shadow on your lids or you might be sorry!

Did my eyebrows n super happy since I had fine eyebrows it looks very natural actually.. Yes you have to do touch ups but for me this is worth it I don't wear makeup so to have my eyebrows always done is perfect for me It completes my face. I would never do permanent makeup anywhere else though... I did my brows to resemble my own.. Not to make it look like something enhanced.

Thank you for the articule, I'm actually thinking of doing this. My lips have a really dark purple tone on the outside that I dislike and I think this will correct it, also I would love to do the eyeliner part because it never stays on no matter what I do and I'm lazy too hehe My mom also points out every morning how bad I look without it hehe but in a nice way.

Maybe I'd get something for my eyebrows, but I could never imagine having my eye makeup the same way forever...

The infection part seriously scared me!

I had my eyebrows tattooed due to only having half brows I hated to look at them in the mirrow

Never! Natural Skin has radiance

I found out about permanent makeup a week ago in Cali when I saw a sign that said they offer permanent makeup. The "Hunger Games" immediately came into my head. It's happening!!

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